One Piece Chapter 781


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 25: “To make up for the destruction of the ships, the sea monsters offer themselves as boats.”
Jinbe waves happy villagers from the harbor quay to the sea monsters, which now act as boats for the harbor townsfolk, carrying them on their backs.


Downtown Dress Rosa: The inhabitants are running in panic towards the city center to escape the “birdcage”, which is actually getting smaller and smaller. While its razor-sharp threads cut through entire buildings with ease, even the Navy has noticed this problem by now.

At the Royal Palace: Donquixote Doflamingo also just reveals to Luffy that he has changed his plans: In about an hour, he says, the birdcage will have completely contracted and all the people of the land will be dead, leaving all the secrets of the past intact, as if Dress Rosa had never existed. Enraged, Luffy immediately goes on the attack, claiming that defeating Doflamingo is the only way to stop his plan. But before he can attack the Samurai of the Seas, Trafalgar Law, who was thought dead, suddenly switches places with him using his devilish powers. Appearing before the horrified Flamingo, he uses his Gamma Knife attack on him, which destroys the enemy from within. Trébol is perplexed, as Law was able to use his powers without a space he created, however the latter explains that he had already created an ever-expanding space at the beginning of the fight, so that at some point it was no longer visible. This will most likely cost him all his life energy, but it was worth it to be able to use his planned attack at that exact moment. Furthermore, the “Surgeon of Death” reports that after Flamingo fired the first bullet at him, he was able to unnoticeably swap his body for that of a dead man from the battlefield, allowing him to take the remaining shots. However, Donquixote suddenly grabs his tormentor in the face to fight back, causing Luffy to intervene with a Gomu Gomu no Jet Stomp. This causes both opponents to hit the ground hard, but the one-armed Law still crawls back to his weakened nemesis with the last of his strength, forming a small space to finish his attack and thus disintegrate Flamingo’s internal organs. Trébol, of course, immediately wants to intervene to save his captain, however Luffy is able to unceremoniously knock the Glue Man out of the way with a single kick. After a “Counter Shock” the victory seems to be won and Law collapses powerless! To the shock of everyone present, however, the samurai gets back up even after that, as his devil powers allow him to heal any wound with stitches, provided he has enough time to do so! The Don raises his leg to finish Trafalgar off for sure this time, but his foot is stopped by Luffys, who now faces Doflamingo as the last remaining fighter and thus carries the fate of Dress Rosa on his shoulders…

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