One Piece Chapter 779


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Hanging from the edge of a cliff, Zoro checks his sword for scuffs and recalls a lesson with Mihawk Hawkeye, who informs him that with haki sheathing, none of his swords would break and therefore he should see any cracks or nicks in the sword blade as a sign of shame. Saying that any blade could be turned into a black sword like the Yoru, he takes a deep swig from his wine glass and forbids Zoro any alcohol until he has mastered Haki.

Dress Rosa: Both downtown and at the port, all the residents are shocked that the Straw Hat Pirates was actually able to triumph over Pica and all the other officers. The evacuation, led by Admiral Fujitora and using his devil powers, also prevented any more people from being hurt by the falling boulders.

While Bartolomeo, Elizabello II and all the other survivors are excited about the performance of their new comrades-in-arms, there is a sudden explosion in the Smile factory, which is being dismantled by the dwarves. Trébol observes this with an unconcerned expression, since the Donquixote Pirates still has Princess Mansherry up their sleeve.

Meanwhile, however, the latter, along with Leo and Kabu, arrives in the sunflower fields at Kyros, Rebecca and Nico Robin’s home, where she immediately wants to use her devil powers to heal the badly wounded gladiator, who, however, refuses, pointing out the limits of her powers and remembering all the injured people who will need her help. Dismayed, Mansherry looks down on Dress Rosa, whereupon Kyros considers the destruction of the Smile factory a partial success, but in the same breath mentions that the most important victory, that over Donquixote Doflamingo himself, is yet to come.

Inside the outer tower, below the palace: Koala contacts Sabo with a request for assistance in view of the bad situation and inquires about his location, who is still busy freeing prisoners from the coliseum. Sabo wonders why she can’t handle it on her own, but after Koala indicates she’s calling for a reason and that things could get dicey for Luffy, he goes on his way.

Zoro, who has meanwhile pulled himself up to the edge of the plateau and is greeted by Usopp with tears of joy, points to the “birdcage” still stretching across the firmament, citing this as an indication that Doflamingo has yet to be defeated. The rest of the flock is lulled into optimism, as only three enemies remain to be defeated. Viola corrects this number to two because, as she can see, another duel has been decided.

In the royal palace, first floor: Bellamy lies defeated in front of Luffy. As we learn in a flashback, the “Hyena” had continued to jump from wall to wall in front of the Straw Hat after his hit to finally finish off the rubber boy and thus be remembered by Flamingo. Despite Luffy’s words of warning that his efforts will go unrewarded, he counters that it is his choice, and therefore continues to attack, landing several hard hits. Luffy reveals that Donquixote expected someone like Bellamy to continue attacking on his own until his last breath, even after he was released. The Spiral Man is aware of this, and tearfully declares his respect emphatically, saying he would gladly die if it is the price of Doflamingo’s acceptance. Luffy then portrays him as a liar who just had no choice and appeals to his dignity as a man, which Bellamy cites as the very reason why they should just fight, to which the Straw Hat retorts that he shouldn’t throw his life away. Resolutely he denies this, stating that it is his will to be struck down by the very second person he respects most besides Doflamingo, Luffy. With this decision, he once again tells the Straw Hat to take him seriously, for he will continue to attack until the end. So he races towards the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates, however this time he counters as he once did in Mocktown with a single, massive punch wrapped in haki and rams the “Hyena” into the ground. In his mind, Bellamy thanks his enforcer: he realizes he followed and idealized the wrong person, and realizes how pathetic it makes him look; however, it was his decision and he also wants to see in all consequence where it takes him, in keeping with the motto: “Once a fool, but then to the end.”

Furious at this unnecessary sacrifice, Luffy yells to Doflamingo, who is one floor above him. The Samurai of the Seas hears this with a laugh and says that he is looking forward to Luffy finally coming to him so that he can see the expression on his face when he sees the lifeless body of Trafalgar Law in front of him…!!!!

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