One Piece Chapter 778


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 23: “That’s right, there was this something in the middle of the ruins.”
Jinbe stands in front of a Poneglyph.


Dress Rosa, former King’s Plateau: Pica, in his massive golem form, is still marching towards the plateau, where Usopp, King Riku Doldo III, Violet and Tank Lepanto, among others, are, in order to destroy it with a single, devastating blow. Elizabello II is about to prevent this by means of his “King Punch”, however, when suddenly Zoro comes running and tells him to save his strength yet, as it will be needed later. Thereupon he seeks out Orlumbus, who is supposed to use his technique “Teitoku Killer Bowling” on him. Thereby the swordsman is accelerated enormously and ultimately flies furiously through the air, directly towards Pica. The latter, meanwhile, accuses Riku of not being his king because he couldn’t even protect his own country ten years ago, and only because he was a pacifist. Riku Doldo even agrees with this, but at the same time lets it be known that he will always do everything he can to remain human and would rather die than become a murderer because a country built on carnage has no future. Pica’s mighty hand is already just above the plateau when Zoro joins in and uses his Santoryu Ogi: Ichidai Sanzen Daisen Sekai attack. This cuts even Pica’s body consisting of huge masses of rock into several pieces. Zoro cuts the rock further and further to find out where the real body of the enemy is hiding, which he has realized is somewhere inside the golem’s body. After revealing this trick of his devilish powers, the elite officer actually reveals himself and unceremoniously reinforces his body with Haki to be safe from Zoro’s sword blows. However, Zoro still uses his attack “3000 Worlds”, with which he can even pierce Pica’s armor together with the Haki sheath and thus defeat his opponent! Nevertheless, the pieces of the former giant body fall to the ground and threaten to destroy the plateau when they are hurled away out of nowhere by Elizabello’s “King Punch”!

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