One Piece Chapter 777


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 22: “A Mess of Apologies, Reconciliations, and Reunions”


On the former plateau of the royal palace: King Riku Doldo III, Violet and Tank Lepanto remember how they learned of Scarlet’s death.

Meanwhile, on level four, Kyros’ powerful sword strike actually managed to incapacitate Diamante. After the elite officer goes down, it is revealed that Nico Robin was hit by some of the spiked bullets and is therefore injured in the back. At that moment, Pica suddenly appears on the scene, but after only a brief conversation with Kyros about his loyalty to King Riku, he disappears again.

Usopp, Violet and the others have also witnessed the legendary gladiator’s victory when Riku suddenly wants to go to the city to help his people, who are now definitely not out for his head.

This is also what Admiral Fujitora, who has disappeared again, is trying to do. He wants the inhabitants of Dress Rosa to gather at one place, in order to be able to protect them better there.

Pica, meanwhile, has returned to his battleground with Zoro, where he unceremoniously takes out Sai, the only remaining fighter, and also attacks Baby 5 to punish them for their treachery. He then turns back to Zoro and attacks him with his “Bitestone” attack, which the “Pirate Hunter” is able to fend off using his one-sword style and his “Baki” technique. After this brief encounter, however, the giant stone colossus suddenly rises, having noticed that Riku, Violet, Tank, as well as “God” Usopp are on the old king’s plateau. He marches straight towards it to destroy it with one mighty blow, taking out several key characters at once. Running through several ways to prevent this in his head, Zoro ultimately decides to fly through the air and destroy Pica for good!

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