One Piece Chapter 775


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates riding their bikes.


The rescued dwarf princess flirtatiously asks Leo to carry her as her leg is injured, but he is oblivious to her advances. He thinks her selfish and remarks that she could heal herself after all, not least as she is known for her speed, whereupon Mansherry refuses to move at all, which infuriates her rescuer, who finally snubs her fickleness. With a pat on the head, Kabu rebukes him and tells Leo to give her a hand, given the rush. While Leo grumbles and carries the princess away on his shoulders, the princess sways in rapturous joy. Kabu merely wonders how obtuse Leo is, since Mansherry is sweet to everyone. As the trio of dwarves leave the room, Giolla, lying on the floor, tries with her last ounce of strength to alert her boss, knowing about his contingency plan. For Doflamingo suspects that the ultimate ability of Mansherry’s Healing Fruit allows the user to restore everything at the cost of life span. Thus, if the worst came to the worst, the Smile factory could be restored to its original state. Giolla sees the factory in danger, however she is unable to move and declares Señor Pink as the now last line of defense.

Meanwhile, at the Smile Factory: The battle between Franky and Señor Pink is nearing the decisive phase when the cyborg delivers a powerful “Strong Hammer” to his opponent. The officer of the Donquixote Pirates readily takes the hit, as he did all the previous ones, and counters by using his devil powers to get into the ground, grabbing Franky from there and flinging him onto his back. As one learns through the others present, the two opponents have taken just these two hits voluntarily 30 times now. Both feel obligated to prove their manhood, so they don’t back down out of pride and mutual appreciation. They agree that the next attack shall decide everything. Senor Pink confesses in the same breath that he will be finished should the Straw Hat be able to withstand the final attack. Swimming in butterfly style, he races towards him, grabs him from behind and “swims” with him up the tower of the factory. At this moment he notices an unusual sadness in the firmament and laments that if he could get any higher he would be able to see Russian and his son Gimlett again, however he becomes aware of gravity as an obstacle. Franky is visibly puzzled by the names, to which his adversary reveals he knows about the back as a weak point, still made of flesh and blood. From this height, he eventually falls back, Franky’s back first, and rams the cyborg devastatingly into the ground. To the officer’s horror, however, the straw hat actually gets back up, gasping and bleeding. He then launches into his now improved version of “Franky Boxing”, bombarding the senor with powerful punches. In his mind Pink apologizes to his captain for his failure and also remembers his former family.

So many years ago he met a young woman named Russian, whom he told he was a banker because she hated pirates. The two married and had a son named Gimlett, but he died of fever while Pink was away with his gang. Unable to reach her husband, Russian became aware of the lies. Hurt, she confronted her husband and then stormed out of the house into a thunderstorm. In the process, she was caught in a landslide and ended up in the hospital. She had lost all feeling and movement and had been in a vegetative state ever since. Only by putting on one of Gimlett’s baby bonnets was the Señor able to bring a smile back to her lips, whereupon he began to wear pacifiers and nappies instead of his fashion suits, for which he received only scorn and derision from those around him.

Back in the present, Franky finishes his hail of punches against Senor Pink, who is in tears, and leaves the court victorious!


  • The title of the chapter is possibly a reference to the James Bond classic From Russia with From Russia with Love (film).
    In Japanese, the title is“Roshia Yori Ai O Komete” (ロシアより愛をこめて).
  • On the bike it says Looking for adventure, which is a famous line from the song Born to be wild by Steppenwolf
  • The numbers 3-2-5 (san-ni-go) on the route sign on the Color Spread are pronounced in Japanese like the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates Sunny-Go
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