One Piece Chapter 774


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 20: “Jinbe Teaches the Sea Monster.”
Jinbe explains his mistakes to Wadatsumi, and Wadatsumi is visibly saddened by them.”


In the Sunflower Fields: Diamante is furious that Nico Robin has interfered in his fight. However, the pirate reveals to him, unimpressed, that he can now no longer use Rebecca to force Kyros to defend himself. She will now protect the gladiator so that the legendary Dress Rosas fighter can focus on his opponent!

Meanwhile, some men from Donquixote Doflamingo’s pirate gang have appeared on level three to take Gladius away.

In the Smile factory, the dwarves are very worried about their princess Mansherry, so they call Violet. She is in contact with Leo and Kabu, who at this point are climbing the new royal plateau at breakneck speed and have thus almost arrived inside the palace. There the dwarf princess is in the grip of Giolla, who has recovered from her hostage situation. The officer orders the dwarfess to use her devil powers to heal the defeated leaders of Dress Rosa so they can once again go into battle and destroy the few remaining enemies. It is learned that the princess ate from a devil fruit, with the help of which she can produce a magical water that can rid all living creatures of any wounds. This also ensured that Sugar was able to wake up from her faint so quickly. Mansherry, however, has meanwhile also found out that she and her friends were betrayed by Doflamingo and that she always healed bad people. This she now no longer wants and therefore refuses to do. Thereupon she is grabbed by Giolla, who tries to get the water out of her by force. In doing so, she discovers that it is Mansherry’s tears that have healing powers, whereupon she repeatedly strikes the princess in order to collect as many tears as possible. Having succeeded in this, she throws those same tears over her fellow soldiers, when suddenly Leo and Kabu reach their destination and storm the room. While Kabu uses a powerful attack to knock out the four officers lying on the ground, allowing the tears to fall to the floor unused, Leo uses his devil powers to sew everyone present together. He then pulls the strings together so that all the opponents fall on top of each other, which finally finishes Giolla off. The dwarf princess Mansherry has been successfully saved!

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