One Piece Chapter 773


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 19: “In return for the offerings, I recovered a human house from the bottom of the sea!”
Wadatsumi explains to Jinbe why he took the offerings.


Below the new royal palace: Dellinger has been incapacitated by Hakuba’s attack, whereupon he attacks Bartolomeo, who is however protected by his barrier. Because of this, the sleepwalker now wants to attack the seemingly unprotected Nico Robin, who is still on her way to the sunflower fields to help Rebecca. To the great surprise of the “cannibal”, however, the pirate is able to stop and immobilize her attacker with ease, using her devil powers. That’s when Cavendish re-emerges from within Hakuba to displace his alter ego. He gets into a fierce internal battle with this one, which ultimately ends in Hakuba taking control of one side of his body and Cavendish the other. Robin, however, still doesn’t want to release the “Pirate Prince” because she doesn’t trust him yet. Gladius, in turn, takes advantage of the confusion to blow up the rock next to Robin and Cavendish so that it is about to explode. To prevent this, Bartolomeo sprints towards the officer of the Donquixote pirate gang as he shoots him with what he reveals is his poisonous hair. He then blows himself up severely, which presents Bartolomeo with a predicament: if he attacks Gladius, the latter’s hair will be hurled at the Nico Robin above him; if he does not attack, on the other hand, the rock on which she stands will explode. Bartolomeo therefore decides to form a barrier around himself and the bloated Gladius, cutting his throat so that he himself catches the entire explosion, though Gladius cannot attack further. After a cut with his sword, the Square Man finally explodes inside the barrier, inflicting severe injuries on Bartolomeo. However, as it turns out, he was only able to hit his enemy’s shoulder and not his throat, so he is only slightly injured. Now the officer wants to take Robin out for good, with Cavendish asking that she release him so they can use Hakuba’s speed to escape. Ultimately, the planned detonation of the precipice occurs, but as it is revealed, Robin has taken Cavendish’s request and was therefore able to evade. The following attack from Hakuba’s half of his body was thereby able to be intercepted by Cavendish’s half of his body. With the help of his enormous speed, the two then proceed to the summit, where the “Pirate Prince” lapses into his fainting state. The Gladius, shocked by this failure, is finally attacked by Bartolomeo with a new powerful attack, which he dedicates to Luffy’s gum-gum gun. This also defeats the last officer in the third level.

Meanwhile, on level four, Kyros continues to be harassed by Diamante, who once again attacks his daughter Rebecca. Suddenly, Nico Robin intervenes and deflects the fluttering sword strike with her technique Mil Fleurs, Kochouran. She thanks her new ally for holding out for so long and now wants to take over the rest.

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