One Piece Chapter 772


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 18: “Sea Boy and Sea God Wadatsumi Shows Up: ‘Don’t mention it!”
The huge shadow in front of the offerings was Wadatsumi, who makes an embarrassed gesture towards Jinbe.


The sunflower fields on the fourth level of the palace plateau: Diamante has caused the entire ground to flutter, making it difficult for the one-legged Kyros to stand or even move. However, to the astonishment of the elite officer, the latter still manages to launch attacks, which Diamante is able to deflect skillfully. He then attacks Rebecca, who is standing off to the side, using his devil powers to further irritate Kyros. The gladiator counters the attack for his daughter by saying that she will never have to swing a sword again; it was painful enough for him that she had to fight for so long in the first place.

Meanwhile on the third level: Gladius has also taken control of the entire floor, but he is blowing it up to cause a huge explosion. Cavendish and Bartolomeo survive this, however, due to the devilish powers of the “cannibal”, while Nico Robin is still trying to take advantage of the mess to make his way to the fourth level. Gladius’ attempt to stop the pirate is thwarted by Bartolomeo with the help of his barriers, and he also sets up a powerful counterattack in return.

As support Gladius therefore Dellinger wants to move from the second to the third level, but he is not quite finished with Ideo yet. The “Wrecking Cannon” is already badly wounded, but still wants to hold off the half-water man as long as possible. He continues to hurt his opponent with several kicks and reveals his fangs, which he inherited as a descendant of the Fighting Fish. Brutally he bites Ideo with them in the shoulder and finally pushes him defeated from the plateau. As it now turns out, Hakuba seems to have awakened again, as he suddenly appears and gives Dellinger a lightning-fast and fatal sword blow!

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