One Piece Chapter 770


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 17: “Discovery! A huge amount of offerings”
Jinbe comes to the bottom of the sea where he sees all the offerings lying around. In front of it sits a huge shadowy figure.


At the Palace of Dress Rosa: Bellamy is still preparing his ultimate attack against Luffy, which he continues to try to talk his newfound friend out of. Just then, however, “the Hyena” makes his final leap and appears to deliver a devastating blow to the pit of the rubber boy’s stomach!

Meanwhile, back at Zoro and Pica’s place, the elite officer of the Donquixote Pirates has just left his statue to join the entire Plateau instead. Despite his now more formidable attacks against Zoro, the swordsman still seems confident that he has seen through his adversary and can thus defeat him.

Through his actions, Pica causes great confusion on level two, where Dellinger, Baby 5, and Machvise are still fighting some of the former participants in the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum. This in turn allows Ideo to take the opportunity to catch the distracted Dellinger with his “cannon shots”. Not far away, Sai and Baby 5 are still facing off, though the woman is now extremely insecure, mistakenly believing that her opponent has fallen in love with her. Elsewhere, there’s also Machvise, who’d just given Hajrudin a hard time earlier. Now he wants to take on Zoro, but the giant doesn’t want to give up yet, as he’s ashamed of still not having paid his debt. He therefore brings his oversized fist towards the approaching, 10,000 ton Machvise, in which, according to his own statement, the entire remaining strength of his life is contained. The two enemies finally collide destructively, causing Hajrudin to break several bones. At the same time, however, he manages to pierce Machvise’s shield as well, thus dealing the officer a mighty blow, so that he, apparently defeated, is hurled in the direction of the birdcage. Thereupon Hajrudin also collapses, powerless.

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