One Piece Chapter 769


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 16: “A shadow on the seabed has just disappeared! The culprit is underwater!”.
Jinbe swims past two fish resolutely towards the bottom of the sea.


The battle between Trafalgar Law and Donquixote Doflamingo rages on, with the latter actually coming within the range of Law’s devilish powers. Through his techniques “Tact” and “Mes” Law tries to eliminate the Samurai of the Seas, however, the latter knows too well the possibilities of the Operation Fruit and therefore effortlessly counters each attack. According to Doflamingo, all of Law’s efforts to prevent Dress Rosa’s fall were for naught from the start, as his plans were unstoppable, however the former Supernovae continues to maintain that he will dedicate the rest of his life to fulfilling Corazón’s will. Laughing, Flamingo then uses his “Itonoko” attack, with which he cuts off Trafalgar’s right arm! Just as he’s about to finish him off with his pistol, a Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling suddenly bursts out of the ground, revealing the defeated clone of Doflamingo. Underground, only the under-control Bellamy and Luffy now face each other, with the latter urging Flamingo to release Bellamy as he is about to die. When the King of Dress Rosa actually removes his control, Bellamy remembers how he once, as a young man, went to the Donquixote pirates and was given permission to bear their mark, but only as long as he never failed. Luffy now asks Bellamy to stay under cover so he can help Law against Doflamingo, but just as he is about to leave, “the Hyena” suddenly launches into the “Spring Hopper” attack, which he says is now supposed to be a lot stronger than it was when he fought Luffy in Mock Town. At Luffy’s renewed coaxing, Bellamy reveals that he had long understood that he was pathetic and admired the wrong man. Nevertheless, however, he too had his principles and did not want the pity of the straw hat. Just because Flamingo dislikes him, he doesn’t want to abandon his loyalty to him, but instead fight his last battle against Luffy….

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