One Piece Chapter 767


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 14: “The Missing Pile of Offerings, the Revealed Ruins, and Angry Sea Monsters.”
The older man takes Jinbe to the sea shrine from which the offerings have disappeared. Around them, broken boats can be seen in the water.


Over 20 years ago: Out of hatred and anger for taking away his power and causing him to suffer so much, ten-year-old Donquixote Doflamingo shoots his father in front of his brother.

13 Years Ago on Minion: As the Navy discovers, Diez Barrels’ pirates are killing each other because of the Birdcage. Only one young boy seems to have managed to land outside the impenetrable strings. While he is taken into custody by the navy, the Donquixote pirates attack Barrels’ camp. After shooting the pirate captain, they are looting the treasuries when suddenly Corazón appears. Law, on the other hand, has hidden him in one of the treasure chests and “turned off” all his sounds by means of his devilish powers. However, the latter can overhear Cora being beaten up. At this moment, Doflamingo also joins the action, which reminds Corazón of how Sengoku once found him after his father’s death and brought him to the navy. For Law to learn the truth, he seemingly reveals to his brother now officially that he is from the Navy and infiltrated the gang to stop their sinister plans. He apologizes for this lie, however, he did not want to be hated. In response to Flamingo’s question, he also reports that Trafalgar ate the Operation Fruit and is already on the Navy’s spy ship, which Baby 5 and Buffalo confirm, having overheard that a young boy was taken into custody. To prevent the escape, Donquixote immediately breaks up the birdcage and has the ship cleared, as he now has to retrieve Law, as he tells Corazón, to convince him to die for him. He then pulls out his gun and points it at Cora, causing Trafalgar to panic inside the chest. As he recalls, his friend had promised him that inside the treasure chest, Law would get out of the birdcage and to the ship, where he could eventually escape so that they could meet again on the next island. No one outside can hear the boy’s desperate cries, however, as shots erupt from Flamingo’s gun and Corazón goes down badly wounded. He struggles for his last breaths, though, so Law can use the soundlessness he’s created to escape unnoticed. Because of this, and distracted by the suddenly appearing navy under Vice Admiral Crane, he finally actually manages to “sneak away” crying and screaming….

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