One Piece Chapter 766


Luffy, Nami, Chopper, and an undercover person in an old restaurant in reference to the Naruto series that ends in this Jump issue (see Trivia for more info).


Minion, Diez Barrels’ pirate gang camp: The pirate captain and his men are in a frenzy because the Operation Fruit has been stolen from them. Meanwhile, the navy has also noticed the fire in the camp and sent out a scouting party because of it.

As it turns out, Corazón was able to take out the pirates who had confronted him and actually get to Trafalgar Law. He now urges him to quickly eat the devil fruit in order to finally get healthy again, although Law is still sceptical whether this will really help him. After gulping down the fruit, he reveals that he doesn’t feel ready to be a devil power user, but that’s when Corazón suddenly collapses. Horrified, Trafalgar discovers that his comrade is covered in bullet wounds, but he downplays his injuries. He is only glad to have accomplished the deed of outwitting Donquixote Doflamingo. Now, however, he has to ask his friend for a favor, as his brother will not simply put an end to his machinations: he hands him a letter which Law should urgently take to a naval ship lying at anchor on the coast of the island. Its contents could save the kingdom of Dress Rosa.

The boy doesn’t really understand all this, but nevertheless seeks out a member of the navy. Without knowing it, this man is Vergo, whom he finally leads to Cora with the intention to help him. Through the letter, Vergo realizes Corazón’s betrayal, which is why he attacks his former comrade-in-arms several times and then tells his captain Joker about the news. The latter therefore immediately docks with the rest of the Donquixote family at Minion, where he also notices that someone has stolen the Operation Fruit before him. He suspects his brother is behind the crime, but he has since fled unnoticed from Vergo with Law. Because of this, Doflamingo erects his birdcage over the island, which destroys Corazón’s hopes of surviving himself, though he desperately intends to save Law’s life. He notices in shock at this moment that Cora has begun to smile so that his friend will remember him smiling after his death!


The cover of Chapter 766 is Oda’s tribute to the Shonen Jump series Narutowhich ends in this issue after 700 chapters and over 15 years. In doing so, Oda has included many allusions to the series:

  • The One Piece lettering above the cover has been changed:
  • Menu boards can be seen in the background. Their first symbols are: ナ ル と おつ カレ 三 で し た (na-ru-to-otsu-kare-san-de-shi-ta). Putting these together to form ナルト お疲れ様 でした (Naruto otsukaresama deshita) results in “Thank you for your hard work, Naruto.”
  • Naruto’s name can be formed from the names of the straw hats present: Nami, Monkey D. Luffy, TonyChopper.
  • Behind Nami sits an obscured figure. From the clothes, you can tell that this is supposed to be Naruto
  • Luffy is eating Ramen (a Japanese noodle dish), Naruto’s favorite food, while Naruto is eating meat, Luffy’s favorite food.
  • The dress Nami wears is a reference to NarutoA hostile group of criminals in Naruto. These always wear red clouds on black long coats. Nami’s dress seems to follow the same color scheme, but with the Konoha symbol instead of clouds as the pattern
  • There is also a fox sitting in the foreground, with a spiral symbol on his shirt. In Naruto, there is a powerful Naruto that has been imprisoned in Naruto by means of a seal that looks like this spiral

Masashi Kishimoto (the author of Naruto) also paid tribute to One Piece in the final chapter of his manga in the same issue of Jump. Thus, on one of the last pages, you can see a large stone statue of Naruto’s face (similar to those of Mount Rushmore (note: needs link)), on which Naruto’s son has painted “One Piece” complete with straw hat skull.

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