One Piece Chapter 764


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates fishing for salmon with bears.


Northblue 14 years ago: The still-young Trafalgar Law sits in a back alley with Corazón, who surprisingly can talk after all. As it turns out, the commander of the Heart Squad has been eating from the Silent Fruit, which allows him to create soundproof walls around himself and others. He now reveals to the young pirate that he feels it is his duty to stop his brother’s madness. Doflamingo, he says, is a monster and was born already vicious, having known no fear even as a child. However, as the bearer of the “D.”, Law was not allowed to become like him, as the members of the “D. Clan” mattered. As he was told as a child, these individuals would often cause a “storm”, which is why most of them secretly bear this name. In some places, they would even be referred to as “God’s natural enemy”, making them a direct enemy of the World Government and World Nobles. Law, however, does not understand what Corazón is trying to make him understand, so he flees to tell Flamingo the truth about his brother.

Once back at the dock, however, it turns out that he kept it for himself to pay Corazón back. At the same time, Doflamingo exhorts them to hurry, since Crane from the Navy headquarters has tracked them down.

After the Donquixote band of pirates set sail and find themselves under fire from Crane’s ship, Donquixote’s brother and young Trafalgar suddenly disappear, the former desperate to have his companion’s illness cured. From a small boat he contacts Sengoku, for whom he secretly works as a spy within the Donquixote family, to inform him that he must leave his mission for a while for personal reasons.

One after the other, the two visit several hospitals, but the doctors don’t want to help them anywhere, as they are too afraid of being infected with the Hakuen disease. Corazón punishes each of the doctors for this outrageous treatment, but Law still has to suffer from the memories of his past every time.

After six months, Corazón gradually begins to lose hope. While Law is apparently asleep, he expresses his sympathy for the little boy’s cruel experiences. When he wanted to kill him, the thought of this sad fate was the only thing that hurt him. Unnoticed, Trafalgar sees Corazón burst into tears.

The next morning Law therefore wakes his comrade for the first time with the salutation “Cora-san” when the Den-den Mushi rings. At the other end is Donquixote Doflamingo…

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