One Piece Chapter 763


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 12: “Unbelievable, the ruins on the port city are from the Sea Cat City.”
Jinbe listens to the sea cat crying with happiness, pointing at the large ruin that shattered part of the port city.


Three people are hanging by their hands tied to a building. Two of them are children and the third is an adult who has already been pierced by two arrows. Among them is an angry crowd of people who have all endured suffering in their past due to the tyranny of the world’s aristocrats. They are debating whether to kill the two children and the man or continue torturing them. It is a nightmare of Donquixote Doflamingo. He wakes up in a cold sweat after being hit by an arrow in his dream. The ringing of a The Den Den Mushi has woken him up. He puts on his sunglasses, takes a drink, throws the bottle on the floor and then picks up the phone.

Another flashback from Doflamingo’s past: 33 years ago in Mary Geoise, Donquixote Homing publicly announced that he, along with his family, wanted to give up his status and luxury to live among the common people. The people of Mary Geoise were appalled at his decision and called him a traitor. The family moved north by ship to a place that was not part of the world government, and now wanted to live a more humble life. Young Doflamingo, however, seemed not to have quite grasped this, and asked where his slaves were. He was also unaccustomed to people out in the streets not kneeling before him as he passed them by.

In the next scene, the family watched as an angry mob set fire to their house. Hunted by the inhabitants, they sought shelter in a crumbling shack. Doflamingo overhears his father contacting the World Nobles via Den-den Mushi, begging that at least his wife and children be taken back to Mary Geoise for safety. However, they refuse his request.

Hard times were coming for the family. Doflamingo and his brother Rosinante were beaten by the people and had to somehow find food for themselves and their family. One day their mother died and they were captured along with their father.

Back in the present: Machvise and Giolla bring the young Trafalgar Law to their young master. Apparently he was trying to escape and the two were still able to stop him. Law notices that Corazón survived and now believes, just like Baby 5 and Buffalo, whom Law bribed with ice and who therefore probably didn’t tell on him, that he was brought to Doflamingo to be punished. He is all the more surprised that Doflamingo wants to make him a crew member. He also lets him in on his dark dealings. He knows that Law only has around three years to live, however, there is a possibility that he might obtain a devil fruit that could cure Law of his illness. Later, Doflamingo notices that his brother has been injured. The latter wrote on a note that it would have been an enemy, thus saving Law from the worst.

The years passed. The gang traveled the sea and had many adventures, engaged in battles with the navy and obtained lots of treasures. Trafalgar Law was taught many things by his crew members during this time. One day, Baby 5 and Buffalo wanted to know Law’s real name after they told him their real names. Since Law only had a year or less to live, he revealed his full name: It is “Trafalgar D. Water Law.” The “D.” is a secret, and “Water” was his mother’s name. Suddenly, Corazón shows up, grabs young Law and takes him away from Buffalo and Baby 5. Afterwards, something happens that Law didn’t expect. Corazón talks to him. Apparently Law is not allowed to stay near Doflamingo because of his name, so he orders him to leave.


  • The title of the chapter (人間宣言, “Ningen Sengen”) agrees with the commonly used name of that declaration which the Tennō, i.e., the Emperor of Japan, read about six months after the surrender to the Allies on January 1, 1946. In it, he indicated that he would no longer be considered a living deity. This declaration later led to the new constitution of Japan, according to which the Tennō is “the symbol of the state and the unity of the people”. see also: Humanity Declaration (note: needs link), Emperor of Japan
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