One Piece Chapter 762


Jinbe’s lonely sea knight journey, part 11: “I want to take a look around the port city”.
Jinbe and the kitten come to the surface of the sea and look at the ruins of a destroyed harbor.


Spider Miles 16 years ago: The Donquixote pirate gang is sitting down to dinner, and ten-year-old Trafalgar Law, the newest member of the family, is also with them. While being told never to lay a hand on one of his nakama, some members notice that the boy appears to be suffering from the deadly and incurable Hakuen disease. According to Donquixote Doflamingo, however, this is a poisoning and therefore not contagious.

A little later, Baby 5 inquires about Law’s origins, whereupon Gladius tells her about the “White City” of Flevance. About 100 years ago, a kind of amber was found there, which made the economy of the city flourish. The world government also participated in the trade of the amber products, but knew even then that the extraction of this substance is poisonous. The poison, however, penetrates the human body only very slowly and therefore also passes on to the descendants, so that the life expectancy of each generation becomes shorter and shorter, until they finally die already as children. As Señor Pink further reports, the neighboring countries thought the disease was contagious, so they blocked all access to the city, thus isolating Flevance. All the refugees were simply shot, which is why a war finally broke out.

Meanwhile, Law sits in a garbage dump and thinks about his past: shortly before the end of his home, he was supposed to leave it along with all the other children of the town, as they were to keep their already short lives. He refused, however, because his sister Trafalgar Lami was gravely ill. At her bedside he promised her that her father, the best doctor in the country, would find a cure, when suddenly shots rang out. In order to eliminate the sick, Law’s parents were also shot, as well as all the children who were supposed to leave town. Lamy died shortly after when Flevances hospital was set on fire.

Back in Spider Miles: To get revenge on Corazón, Law attacks him from behind and rams a sword through his chest! This could be observed by Buffalo, who immediately wants to report it to Doflamingo…


  • The newspaper Corazón is reading when he is attacked by Law features Crocodile. In the SBS to Volume 78, Oda explains that Crocodile was 30 years old at the time. He had just been appointed Samurai of the Seas and suffered a fierce defeat at the hands of Whitebeard. He then turned his attention to the kingdom of Arabasta and protected it from pirates. In the article he is praised for his heroic deeds.
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