One Piece Chapter 761


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 10: “The article he really should have read! The great outbreak of sea monsters!”.
Jinbe learns of more shocking news in the newspaper. Apparently, sea monsters are terrorizing innocent civilians.


Northwest City Primula: While panicked animals injure themselves trying to break through Doflamingo’s birdcage, pirates continue to make the city unsafe. A marine reports to Vice Admiral Maynard that Sabo and Issho have ended their duel. The Vice Admiral gives orders to his soldiers to bring the chaos under control.

In the palace of Dress Rosa: Bellamy, who is controlled by Doflamingo, attacks Luffy, who is tied up by his hands, together with a thread double. The latter fights back with a new attack, the Gomu Gomu no Tako Stomp, and gets back to his feet. The doppelganger notes that an ordinary person could not imagine what a fallen world aristocrat is capable of, and delivers a kick, sending Luffy flying out through the palace wall. Bellamy and the clone follow him.

Law asks the real Doflamingo why he is still subject to CP 0, even though he is no longer a real world aristocrat. Doflamingo tells him that he knows about a national treasure of Mary Geoise, whose existence must be hidden from the public, because this knowledge alone would be enough to shake the world. The World Nobles therefore tried to kill him, but failed, so they had no choice but to cooperate with him, thereby securing his silence. Doflamingo steers the topic to Law’s devil powers. If he had possessed the powers of the Operation Fruit back then, he could have used the treasure to rule the entire world. Another power of this Devil Fruit is revealed, which is why many refer to it as the “ultimate Devil Fruit”: The possessor of these devil powers can grant a person eternal youth, but sacrifices their own life in the process. Law eventually attacks the Samurai of the Seas with everything he had learned from the pirates of the Donquixote Pirates over the years, so that one day he can destroy the entire crew. But without Corazón, none of this would ever have been possible for him.

It makes Law think of his past. Sixteen years ago on Spider Miles in the Northblue, Law first met commanders Diamante and Trébol, who wondered why their captain wanted to waste his time with this rookie. It is learned that Law only had three years and two months left to live and wanted to kill and destroy as much as possible in his remaining time. Diamante predicted that his chances of being accepted into the crew were not very high. Baby 5 and Buffalo, who were both kids at the time, showed up and reported that Corazón had returned. The latter slipped as he stepped through the door, for which Baby 5 and Buffalo laughed at him. Corazón slapped the two children for this and sat down on an armchair. Baby 5 gave him some tea, but it was much too hot, so Corazón had to spit it out, whereupon Baby 5 laughed at him again.

Diamante explained to Law that Corazón is also a commander who is probably very absent-minded and unintelligent, but is nevertheless said to be very talented and a credit to his origins. He’s also been unable to speak since a traumatic experience. He warned young Law about him at the end because he can’t stand children, however Corazón grabbed him at that very moment and threw him out the window. Law fell low, face-first onto steel. He survived and vowed to kill him for it. He then looked up and watched Corazón set his feather cape on fire as he tried to light a cigarette.

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