One Piece Chapter 760


Jinbe’s Lonely Voyage of the Sea Knights, Part 9: “He learns of Luffy’s alliance from the newspaper he is shown”.
The crew of the capsized ship point out the newspaper to Jinbe, from which he learns of the alliance between Luffy and Law.


In downtown Dress Rosa: Koala has gone to see Sabo, who seems to have finished his fight against Fujitora. However, Dragon’s second-in-command ignores his companion’s accusation of almost dragging the revolutionaries into a war, as he can’t get the admiral’s last words out of his head. According to him, there will be no heroes after these battles, even if the navy wins them.

Meanwhile, at the former royal plateau: as it turns out, the residents have not come for the heads of the Straw Hats and the royal family, as they no longer hate Riku Doldo III now that they know the truth. Their only goal, they say, is to survive and end Donquixote Doflamingo’s cruel game. On their knees, they beg their king to save them, but he tells them to wait with further fights, as he has also decided to bet on Luffy. Suddenly another person interferes, who to the shock of all present is Issho. He reveals that he is betting on the same person as King Riku!

Meanwhile, in the palace, Luffy and Trafalgar Law still face Doflamingo and Trébol, but the Straw Hat’s hit only managed to inflict minor pain on the Samurai of the Seas. As Law goes to finish off the commander of the spade troop, Donquixote blocks the attack. Caught off guard by this, Law is unable to escape Flamingo’s ensuing attack and is eventually pierced by multiple threads. Seeing his wounded alliance partner, Luffy wants to intervene, but Flamingo gives him a hooked kick and then ties him up using his devil powers. At this moment, Bellamy, still in control, joins in and delivers a blow to the rubber boy with his sword. Now that he has regained the upper hand, Donquixote angrily reports that he hates it when “common scum” think they can take him on. As a world aristocrat, he had been something better from birth, however, as he continues, his father decided one day to give up his status to live among the other citizens. Shortly after, his mother became seriously ill and passed away, which he attributed to his father for bringing her into this “filthy world”. Because of this, he killed him and brought his head to Mary Geoise, where, however, his family was considered traitors. Because of this, he vowed to destroy any country where the World Nobles ruled!

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