One Piece Chapter 759


Jinbe’s Lonely Voyage of the Sea Knights, Part 8 “Helping the Capsized Ship”.
Jinbe saves the capsizing ship from sinking, for which the crew thanks him. The sea kitten watches him do it.


Level 3: As Nico Robin, Bartolomeo, and Cavendish observe, the giant nutcrackers transform back into humans, shocking Gladius into thinking that Sugar must have been defeated again.

Level 4: Luffy and Trafalgar Law are still facing Donquixote Doflamingo and Trébol, with the Samurai of the Seas carrying the badly wounded Bellamy, much to the Straw Hat’s horror. This causes Luffy to remember how loyal Bellamy had been to Flamingo, for which, however, he is now called scum nonetheless. The “hyena” begging for death makes the rubber boy furious, whereupon he wants to attack Donquixote, however the latter protects himself with his former subordinate. According to Law, Doflamingo’s specialty is to irritate his opponents so that they act rashly, which is why Luffy should pull himself together. Flamingo only replies that he’s almost as angry as he was 13 years ago because of what the Alliance did. At that very moment, he uses the powers of his Thread Fruit and creates a doppelganger, which attacks Trafalgar. In addition, he brings Bellamy under his control to attack Luffy. Donquixote’s laughter at this situation increases Luffy’s rage, so he attacks again, but this time on the doppelganger. Law yells at him to calm down and stick to the plan, whereas Flamingo and Trébol gleefully wait for Luffy to hit his own henchman with his attack. Careless as a result, however, they fail to notice that they have fallen right into the trap of the two pirate captains when Law uses his devil powers to draw them into one of his “rooms”. He switches places with Flamingo in a flash, causing him to be hit hard by a Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk! Law, now sitting in front of Trébol, also disassembles him into his parts!

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