One Piece Chapter 758


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 7: “Now that’s a capsized ship!”.
Looking towards the surface of the sea, Jinbe and the sea kitten see a capsized ship.


Level four: Luffy, Trafalgar Law, Kyros and Rebecca are still facing Diamante. The former two now want to make their way to Donquixote Doflamingo, but before that the Straw Hat Captain introduces himself for the first time to Rebecca as Luffy, the future King of the Pirates. The commander of the Donquixote pirate gang naturally wants to prevent his two opponents from going further, but Law uses his devilish powers to transport them out of his reach without further ado.

At the palace, Law reveals that he was able to operate himself out of the lead bullets he was shot with by Flamingo. At that moment, Sugar approaches the two captains from inside.

Meanwhile, at the former royal palace: After learning that Sugar is awake again, Usopp is in a tizzy, fearing that the unsuspecting Luffy will be touched by her. The gunner therefore wants to fire at her from his distant vantage point. To do this, Violet is to tell him the exact location of the pirate. At the same time, however, the townspeople have almost reached the plateau, so King Riku Doldo III, Tank Lepanto, Hack, Kinemon, and Kanjuro want to hold off the attackers to buy Usopp time. So while the five of them are bracing themselves against the masses, Viola explains to Straw Hat that Sugar is right by Luffy and Law, behind a window with iron bars in the middle of the palace. However, the opening is small and Sugar is about as tall as the window hangs high. Still, Usopp wants to try and help his captain, which is why he targets it with the help of his Grow Up Black Kabuto. He then uses his latest technique Bagworm, whereupon he fires a cone-shaped projectile. According to his own account, this has two powder stars integrated into it in addition to the actual charge, the first giving new thrust upwards and the second forward, giving it extreme range. Shortly after Usopp was able to carry out his attack, however, the inhabitants are able to overpower his protectors and thus also advance to the “god”.

Meanwhile, at the long-nose’s destination, Sugar is about to touch Luffy when an image of Usopp screaming in pain suddenly appears in front of the girl, causing her to faint again. As it turns out, he had this very “doll” created by Kanjuro and his devilish powers shortly before.

Ignoring this strange occurrence, Luffy and Law have continued on their way and have indeed finally arrived at Doflamingo, who has only held back Trébol as his bodyguard. Before the fight can start, however, the Samurai of the Seas wants to ask one last question. This is why the two pirates have come, which they answer unanimously that they want to kick Flamingo’s butt. The latter is disappointed by this…

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