One Piece Chapter 757


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 6: “Miraculously, the policeman’s house was the only one discovered! The mystery deepens and the sea kitty cries”.
The sea kitty stands confused in front of a single overturned house while Jinbe ponders the next steps.


Level Three: While Bartolomeo, Nico Robin, and Cavendish take on Gladius and the giant Nutcrackers, Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Kyros hurry on towards Level Four. Using his devil powers, “the Cannibal” creates a staircase up, but is hit by one of Gladius’ attacks as a result, as he can only create a certain number of barriers at a time, all of which he used for that very staircase. However, the hit was worth it to him as long as he helped Luffy with it. Robin can only agree with that, as her captain has always been her trump card to victory so far.

Meanwhile, the battle between Sabo and Fujitora rages downtown. The two seem to be evenly matched, but the revolutionary suspects that Issho is playing for time. When asked what the admiral’s true intentions were and what he was hiding, he received no answer.

Meanwhile, on the fourth level, Rebecca flees in panic from Diamante, but he still manages to wound her with his sword. He then pulls out a pistol to kill the gladiator, when suddenly Kyros joins in and wounds the commander of the Donquixote pirate gang in the arm. Further, he now promises his daughter that she will never have to fight again from this day forward. Luffy and Law have also finally reached the top and immediately grab the keys to Trafalgar’s sea stone handcuffs. Finally free again, the “Surgeon of Death” unceremoniously destroys the Nutcrackers. Since Kyros has to take care of Diamante, the two pirate captains now want to search for Donquixote Doflamingo!

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