One Piece Chapter 756


Color spread of the Straw Hat Pirates dressing up for the 17th anniversary of the One Piece series.


Violet is trying to locate the whereabouts of Princess Mansherry using her devil power when Tank Lepanto confronts a stranger. The stranger is Kinemon, who has just reached the surface with Kanjuro. At that moment, Viola is able to locate the princess, which she immediately reports to Leo.

In the meantime, he and the others are above the third level of the new royal palace, where Gladius has also gone. Without further ado, he attacks the floating and thus defenseless enemies, which leads to Nico Robin and Bartolomeo crashing. While Robin stops the officer of the Donquixote pirate gang, Rebecca is to continue on her way.

Meanwhile, at the former King’s Plateau, Violet is horrified to discover that Sugar has recovered and begun producing living toys once again. This is how, for example, the giant nutcrackers were created, which Luffy, Trafalgar Law, Kyros and Cavendish face on level three. One of the opponents manages to knock out Cavendish’s horse Farul at that moment, which Luffy avenges with a gum-gum jet gun. The “Pirate Prince” also immediately goes on the attack, but the Nutcrackers don’t seem to be subdued. Robin and Bartolomeo join the action, but they reveal to Law that Rebecca has the key to his sea stone handcuffs and that the gladiator is already on level four. Together they want to stop Gladius, who has also joined them, so that Luffy and Co. can continue their progress.

Fourth level, sunflower fields: Rebecca has indeed arrived at the agreed meeting place. After Leo and Kabu immediately set out to find Mansherry, she discovers that she is not alone. Suddenly, she is confronted by Supreme Commander Diamante!

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