One Piece Chapter 755


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 5: “We have an incident here, the city has disappeared”.
Arriving at their destination, the sea dog and Jinbe find that the city seems to have disappeared, causing the sea kitten to cry even harder.


In the underground dump: Kanjuro has used his devilish powers to paint ladders on the walls, which the prisoners can now use to climb towards the surface.

Meanwhile, the dwarves continue to fight their way through the Smile factory, with nothing to oppose them from Donquixote Doflamingo’s men. However, as they search for their Princess Mansherry, they discover that she is not being held captive inside the factory. While trying to open the main gate from the inside, Franky is able to briefly get Señor Pink off his back in front of that very gate by lying to him that an old woman needs help in a side alley. Meanwhile, the dwarves are interrupted in their escape attempt by a tall, chubby woman named Kyuin, the manager of the Smile factory, who tries to recapture the prisoners with a large vacuum cleaner. However, that’s when Franky bursts through the door and confronts the new enemy. Before she can react, he unexpectedly embraces her, noticing that Senor Pink behind him is already about to attack again. Using a Franky Southland Suplex, he throws Kyuin backwards, causing her to take the collision with Senor. Outraged by this ploy, she advises Franky, who kisses her in surprise, only to have her shut up. Pink, meanwhile, has also picked herself up and rebukes his fellow pirate for not interrupting him in his “fight between men.” Thereupon the two pirates clash again.

On the Pica statue: Pica is angry that Rebecca, Nico Robin and Bartolomeo escaped, who are about to land. Then Leo receives a call from his friends, who tell him that they have been freed, but that Mansherry must be in the palace.

Meanwhile, at the former royal house’s vantage point, Riku Doldo III, Violet, Usopp, Tank Lepanto, and Hack are still there. They too have just learned that Mansherry has yet to be rescued, whereupon King Riku instructs his daughter to use her devil powers to locate the dwarf’s whereabouts. He doubts that Doflamingo would kill the princess, as he supposedly needs her “ability”. However, they themselves needed it more than ever at the moment…

Somewhere in the royal palace: Princess Mansherry sits crying in her little dungeon, begging for Leo to save her….

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