One Piece Chapter 753


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 3: “The Perplexed Seal Schupo (Sea Monster Sheriff)”.
Jinbe takes the still crying sea kitten to a seal police officer and presents his concerns to him.


At the Royal Palace: Bellamy has sought out Donquixote Doflamingo to ask him indignantly why he was attacked by Dellinger. In response, Flamingo merely smiles at the pirate and reveals to him that they have always had different goals and that he would never have had a chance in his gang. While “the Hyena” just wants to be a pirate, Donquixote wants to have the power to destroy the world!

Meanwhile, on the second level, the fighters try to advance further. Suleiman, however, was confronted by Dellinger, who eliminates the “neck cutter” with a single attack. At this moment, the other officers of the Donquixote Pirates present also intervene in the action, with Gladius taking on Don Chinjao, Machvise Boo, Lao G Orlumbus and Baby 5 Dagama.

Meanwhile, in the Smile factory: Due to the shocks caused by Pica, a SAD container has fallen over, which the dwarves are now supposed to put back up. However, they are very puzzled and also worry about Dress Rosa and Green Bit. The guards are about to urge the prisoners to work with the help of their whips, when they discover a strange writing on the windows of the factory. This is formed by the Pink Bees from Bian’s unit and tells the dwarves to open the gates from the inside and fight, as they have been betrayed regarding Princess Mansherry. This realization leaves the inhabitants of Tontatta quite angry and actually lashing out in retaliation against their tormentors.

Likewise, Kyros has reached level two, who was immediately joined by Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Cavendish. The latter plans to cut a passage in the wall, while Luffy is to hold off the opponents so that everyone can advance to the third level. Arriving just before the finish line, however, the remaining former participants of the tournament are already waiting in the Corrida Colosseum. Surprisingly, these want to take on the enemies for the Straw Hat, understanding that they are at war and will only achieve their goal if they fight together. Shocked, Doflamingo’s men also discover that the fighters, once scattered everywhere, have now joined forces to form a mighty army!

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