One Piece Chapter 751


Jinbe’s Lonely Sea Knight Journey, Part 1: “To My Companions”.
A jacketed boat travels underwater with one person on board.


In downtown Dress Rosa: The navy is in the middle of a battle against Sabo, who seems to have no problems with the soldiers. Using only his hands, he crushes even the iron cannons of the attackers, as his fingers are like the claws of a dragon, according to him. Even Bastille’s oversized sword cannot withstand this, so the Vice Admiral is quickly defeated. Therefore, in order to eliminate the revolutionary, Fujitora drops a giant meteor from the sky, however, it is cut by Donquixote Doflamingo’s birdcage. As Issho surmises, Sabo must also be a brother of Luffy’s, which the latter affirms. He promises the admiral that he will always help Luffy, no matter where he is. Sabo and Fujitora then clash!

Meanwhile, on the first level of the King’s Plateau: Luffy continues to charge through the troops, but the rest of the former tournament participants have already caught up with him. That’s when Kelly Funk approaches the rubber boy, wanting to show him a shortcut to the fourth level, a narrow tunnel, in gratitude for “God” Usopp’s deeds.

After Luffy and Trafalgar ride Law in on Ucy, Nico Robin contacts her via Den-den Mushi. Together with Rebecca, Leo and Bartolomeo, she wants to catch up with them to give them the key for Law’s sea stone handcuffs, so they all agree to meet on the fourth level. At that moment, however, Luffy and Law realize they’ve hit a dead end. That’s when Doflamingo appears behind them!

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