One Piece Chapter 747


Mihawk gets attention from two little bears, which makes Perona jealous.


One by one, all the former prisoners of the Corrida Colosseum rush out of it, straight into the arms of the Navy. Among them is Vice-Admiral Maynard, who immediately reports to Bastille what he has experienced and seen. He wants to arrest Donquixote Doflamingo immediately to put a stop to him, but Fujitora forbids this.

Meanwhile, in the underground harbor, Koala discovers that one of the supposed pirate ships is from the Kingdom of Doerena.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Doflamingo, as well as Diamante, Pica, Trébol, Gladius and Lao G have gathered to plan their next steps. In the process, the Samurai of the Seas destroys the keys to the Smile Factory so that, being made of sea stone, it can no longer be opened. He then allays his subordinates’ concerns about the Navy’s presence, based on his conversation with Issho. After using the admiral, he said, he wants to “make him disappear,” even if it won’t be easy. His game is to let the inhabitants decide which family should rule in the future; which is why his men only have to watch as the people fight each other.

Meanwhile, at the foot of the action, Machvise, Señor Pink and Dellinger are waiting, while Franky has fled towards the Smile factory. Suddenly, Luffy, Zoro and Trafalgar Law fall from the sky, prompting Señor Pink to use his devil powers to grab the rubber boy by the feet in surprise. Machvise then tries to pounce on the enemies, which Luffy narrowly avoids. Finally, when Dellinger tries to attack with a kick as well, Zoro misses it, causing his attack to land in Machvise’s butt. On the run, the Pirate Alliance is suddenly confronted by Admiral Fujitora!

In the Colosseum: Usopp, Nico Robin and Co. are still on the run. The latter plans to reach the rock under the royal palace from the top of the Colosseum to meet the others there. While Bartolomeo is still keeping the pursuers at bay, Hack finds that Sabo has disappeared. Suddenly, strong tremors once again occur within the city as Pica rises from the ground in a gigantic, stone form!

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