One Piece Chapter 746


A fierce walrus and Law are plotting evil.


Dress Rosa is in chaos as the entire country is trapped in Donquixote Doflamingo’s birdcage. Moreover, in the streets, due to the devilish power of the Samurai of the Seas, the citizens are fighting each other, with no chance of rescue.

Meanwhile, Kinemon, with the dwarves defeated in the battle against Lao G and Gladius in tow, has arrived at the underground port.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Doflamingo will reveal the names of the twelve people he is looking for. He will rate them with “stars” and offer a prize of 100 million berries for each star. In doing so, Rebecca, Nico Robin, Kinemon, Violet, and Franky appear on the list with one star, Kyros and Zoro with two stars, and Luffy, Sabo, Trafalgar Law, and Riku Doldo III with three stars. While Usopp is happy that he was apparently not recognized, Flamingo proclaims Long Nose as the biggest culprit, who, by defeating Sugar, was primarily responsible for this match. Usopp therefore receives five stars!

Although they worshipped him as a god before, the pirates in the harbor now want to attack the gunman in order to get the money. While Bartolomeo stops the attackers, the others try to reach the surface as quickly as possible. Kinemon instead wants to continue his search for Kanjuro and therefore jumps into the underground garbage dump.

Elsewhere, Senor Pink and Machvise wonder where Franky has disappeared to.

As they flee, Zoro suddenly contacts Robin via Den-den Mushi. He is meanwhile with Luffy and the others within sight of the palace. Only Kyros has disappeared and is once again fighting his way through the crowds. As Luffy now has to learn, the former toy soldier is not only the legendary gladiator, but also Rebecca’s father. Therefore, the straw hat promises the young gladiator that he will not let Kyros die and that he will defeat Flamingo. To this, however, Law adds that his plan was to spare Doflamingo’s life so that he would incur the wrath of Kaidou. Should he die, the Straw Hats will have to deal with the Emperor instead. Luffy doesn’t want to think about that now, though, because Dress Rosa needs to be saved. He decisively grabs Zoro and Law and storms towards the palace!

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