One Piece Chapter 745


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates is having a big laundry day. Two monkeys help them.


Panic has broken out in the Smile factory as the reverted toys try to storm the hall made of sea stone. However, Diamante and Trébol have successfully prevented this so far.

Meanwhile, in the Underground Harbor, Koala, Sabo and Hack are overjoyed to see their old acquaintance Nico Robin again. Meanwhile, Kinemon, still disguised as Donquixote Doflamingo, makes his way through the forces of the Samurai of the Seas, while Zoro is confused by Pica’s sudden disappearance.

In the palace: Doflamingo thinks that he must get some help, whereupon Kyros wants to attack him once more in a rage. However, the seemingly uninjured Flamingo appears behind him to decapitate him with a mighty kick. The attack separates the entire tower from the rest of the palace, though Luffy was still able to throw the gladiator to the ground in time. However, to everyone’s dismay, Donquixote is now facing the rubber boy in duplicate. The straw hat immediately lunges to attack, but he has to take a hard counterattack from the “double opponent”. Violet then concludes that Doflamingo must be able to create puppets of himself from threads, puppets as it were. Turning to King Riku Doldo III, the thread-man reveals that his country is facing a catastrophe that makes even the massacre of ten years ago look tiny. At his captain’s command, Pica therefore transports everyone present out of the building. Thereupon, one of the puppets suddenly disintegrates into dozens of threads. Trafalgar Law immediately recognizes this as the “birdcage” and fears that Flamingo would rather slaughter all the inhabitants than let the truth come out. Out of fear, one of the pirate captains, who was once defeated and turned by Donquixote’s gang, wants to escape, but Doflamingo’s razor-sharp threads have already spread across all of Dress Rosa like a giant grid, so it simply cuts him in half. As Fujitora and Bastille’s navy discover, this now makes it impossible to make radio contact with the outside world. Suddenly, moreover, some of those present begin to shoot wildly as they are hit by the raining threads and are now controlled by Flamingo. At the same time mighty rock pillars appear under the palace, the Smile factory and the flower hill, which raise these places into the air. Pica, who can control the rocks of the entire island and change them at will, takes care of this. Then Donquixote Doflamingo speaks up: He knows that there are some people who know the truth and want to kill him. That is why he has devised a game. He himself would remain in the palace and wait for someone to kill him, which would end the game. However, it would also be over if the heads of some certain other people were brought to him instead….

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