One Piece Chapter 743


Front page request “Karoo and Vivi play tennis” by Mokuku from Aichi Prefecture.


In the underground harbor, Trébol and the dwarves look in shock at the unconscious Sugar. As a result, all the toys transform back to their true form, including Nico Robin and the participants of the tournament. The former immediately takes care of the badly injured Usopp, who is hailed as a hero by the dwarves. Trébol hastily reports the events to Donquixote Doflamingo, who is horrified by them. In the streets, too, all the toys are transformed back, among them some wild animals. Reports arrive from all parts of the country that great panic has broken out because of the angry pirates. Of course, Bastille, Fujitora, Franky, Señor Pink, Machvise and Dellinger are also aware of this, only Zoro is still engrossed in his fight against Pica.

Meanwhile, at the palace, Luffy notices that the one-legged toy soldier has disappeared and also that a stranger is rushing towards Flamingo. Violet simultaneously remembers Kyros and bursts into tears. She explains to the rubber boy that the soldier was the legendary gladiator Kyros, who was transformed and forgotten due to a devilish power of the enemy. Now, however, this seems to have been reversed. With Kyros rushing towards him, King Riku Doldo III now also remembers his son-in-law, who cuts off Doflamingo’s head in short order! As Gladius arrives with more men at this moment, Luffy wants to make his way to Trafalgar Law.

Meanwhile, at the Corrida Colosseum: panic reigns in the stands as well, while Rebecca tearfully remembers her father. Lucy wants to use the situation to end the tournament and turn to his true purpose. With a powerful attack, he blows up the entire ring!

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