One Piece Chapter 739


Front page request “Brook painted balloons like Laboon” by Dokuro from Kyoto.


The ship Trébol threw at the commander’s tower crashes through its roof, wreaking havoc. Nico Robin and Usopp are caught completely off guard by this, which is why the long-nosed one suggests retreating, though his comrade-in-arms points out to him that all the dwarves have been captured. Through a trick, Trébol is able to get Leo to tell him about Usopp and the one-legged toy soldier, whereupon he reveals that the sticky mass he produces is explosive. The ensuing detonation leaves Leo badly bruised, which is why Usopp wants to leave with him. The dwarf, however, wants to finish the operation so as not to disappoint his leader.

Meanwhile, the latter is still fighting Lao G at the elevator and has just taken the next heavy hit. He remembers a conversation he had with Rebecca shortly before the start of the tournament in the Corrida Colosseum. In this conversation he tried to dissuade his daughter from participating in the tournament, since it would make more sense to attack Donquixote Doflamingo together. Rebecca, however, would wait no longer, seeing the hope of the prisoners fading. In her opinion, it was impossible to win the freedom-promising 1,000 battles, since even the supposedly legendary gladiator Kyros was only a legend. The toy soldier nevertheless forbade her to participate, whereupon Rebecca yelled at him that he was not her father, but only a one-legged toy. Affected, Mr. Soldier then withdrew, causing the gladiator to burst into tears.

At the same time in the Colosseum: Rebecca, who has never hurt anyone in battle before, has just attacked Diamante with her sword. Diamante, however, notices that the weapon has no blade. Without further ado, he pulls out a club, which he had folded using his devil power, and strikes the princess down with a mighty blow. Seeing this, Lucy orders Bartolomeo to protect the girl. Now the commander of the Karo unit wants to tell his opponent how her mother once died…

Back at Lao G’s place, he notices a commotion, which leads him to suspect that Pica is rampaging elsewhere. The dwarves take advantage of the situation and wrestle the pirate to the ground, whereupon Kabu tries to get the one-legged toy soldier to move on. The latter does not want to abandon his friends, but the latter counter that they were ready to die for victory in the first place.

At the underground port, Usopp asks Leo why he has so much hope in the soldier. As the dwarf reports, anyone who is turned into a toy by Sugar is forced by a “contract” to do all of her bidding. However, Mad Lightning was the first one she turned and so she forgot about that part. Because of this, Mr. Soldier is the only toy that can rebel against Doflamingo. Although no one can remember him today, everyone used to know him by the name of Kyros, the strongest gladiator in the Colosseum!

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