One Piece Chapter 736


Front page request “The treasure of the thieving cat Nami is stolen by cats”.


In the Corrida Colosseum: In the meantime the remaining four participants of the tournament have entered the ring. While Diamante is cheered and Rebecca is booed, Bartolomeo again insults the audience. Fake Lucy, meanwhile, has identified Jesus Burgess of the Blackbeard pirates as Gatz repeats that only the last man standing will receive the prize, the mighty Fire Fruit. That’s when three gladiators from the previous fight suddenly charge towards the ring, accusing Rebecca of cheating and now seeking revenge. Diamante, however, doesn’t think much of such sore losers and therefore stands in the way of the attackers. He covers his body with his cape as the fighters run into it and crash hard. As the hero of the Colosseum reports, he has eaten of the Flutter Fruit, which allows him to turn anything into an outwardly soft, fluttering state, but which does not cause the materials to lose any of their hardness, for example. With just a single attack, he takes out his opponents. Diamante goes on to say that for the finale, the great fighting fish have been released, when the first of them also attacks, as the aggressive beasts don’t even shy away from jumping out of the water to attack the participants on the ring. The grand finale can now begin!

Outside the palace, Luffy and co. have reached the entrance to the lower level. While Violet wants to bypass the guards via a secret path, Luffy simply races towards the gate and blasts it open with a Gomu Gomu no Giant Pistol. The attack of Straw Hat Luffy is immediately reported to Donquixote Doflamingo. He is beside himself as he is watching the broadcast of the tournament where Lucy, to his knowledge alias Luffy, is actually dodging a Fighting Fish.

At the underground elevator of the Smile factory: Inside the elevator, the one-legged toy soldier has met Lao G. Kabu wants to rush to his aid, but neither stand a chance against their tormentor.

Back at the palace, Luffy and the others are running down a brick corridor when suddenly a stone monster rises from it, which, according to Viola, is Pica!

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