One Piece Chapter 734


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Block D, Tournament at the Corrida Colosseum: Gatz is commentating on the action, all remaining fighters have gone down. In the middle of the ring, he makes out one person who has made it to his feet. The crowd starts to cheer, but when they can make out the person, the cheers turn to horror. Rebecca is standing there, leaning on her sword, in the middle of the arena. The commentator is stunned that none of the remaining heavyweights even attempt to get up. He declares her the winner of Block D. The crowd can’t believe it and accuses Rebecca of cheating, some even calling for her disqualification. Cheers erupt in the gladiators’ quarters, while the crowd in front of the screens is also stunned.

In front of the Colosseum: Vice-Admiral Bastille tells his men about the “whirlwind of Rommel”. In the Kingdom of Rommel, he says, there was a whirlwind that went around at night, slicing up people indiscriminately. After some of these incidents, the navy sent a warship to get to the bottom of it. After more victims, they found that the whirlwind was a man named Hakuba. But he has not been caught yet. He always shows up when a very specific pirate is on an island.

Flashback: During Rebecca’s fight against Suleiman, Cavendish suddenly appears, but falls asleep shortly after. Three fighters immediately pounce on him as his face turns into an evil looking grimace. The attackers are mowed down as they move. One participant after another is slashed at a maddening speed and goes down. Rebecca notices the attack against her and is just able to dodge it, allowing the attack to only hit her helmet. Shortly after, Cavendish falls back into a deep sleep.

Back in front of the Coliseum: Bastille explains that Cavendish sleepwalks, and when he sleeps, he is Hakuba. Hakuba had once fled to the sea to escape being convicted of his crimes, so he became the pirate Cavendish. The latter is a good swordsman, but Hakuba is even better. Bastille also states that it is not very suitable for a tournament that Hakuba only appears when Cavendish is asleep.

Coliseum: Rebecca grabs her head as she leaves the battlefield amidst the noise of the rabble-rousing crowd. The one who took over Luffy’s disguise finds it remarkable that she was able to avoid Hakuba, though he also makes it clear that he won’t let anyone have the Fire Fruit. Jesus Burgess is also excited that the finale is about to begin.

At the Palace of Dress Rosa: Donquixote Doflamingo makes some assumptions in the presence of the captured Riku. He believes there was collusion between the former king and Rebecca to enter the tournament to win the Fire Fruit. He must be very desperate, Flamingo guesses, but the samurai does not want to tolerate what the royal family did that day. Nor, he says, will he forgive Violet, who is counting on the alliance of Trafalgar Law and Monkey D. Luffy to defeat him. Flamingo smiles at this action, noting that he had already eliminated Law and that Luffy could never escape the Coliseum. He notes that the only one currently doing anything is Cyborg Franky, but he should be easily defeated by his commanders. He claims that the Straw Hats won’t even make it to the underground port.

Outside the palace: Luffy, Zoro and Kinemon are on their way, while Wicca explains to them that you can also get to the toy house and the harbour through the palace. The entrance can be reached through an elevator. Wicca tells them that they have to show their passport, which gives Luffy the idea to just kick the guard away. The dwarf is about to start getting upset about this when Violet joins them. She wants to take the four of them to the castle.

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