One Piece Chapter 733


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates building snowmen in a winter wonderland.


Block D, tournament in the Corrida Colosseum: Rebecca is currently in a duel with Suleiman. He is supported by the audience and asks Rebecca how it feels to live in a country where everyone hates you. She answers screaming that she doesn’t care. Elsewhere, Orlumbus has just defeated the Fighting Lion. Also still in the running are Cavendish, Mummy, and Damask, among others.

Underground Port: The One Legged Toy Soldier has separated from the others to kill Donquixote Doflamingo once he is distracted. Because of this, Usopp is now in command of the dwarves. While they plan to infiltrate the leadership tower, since Trébol and Sugar are there, the group is discovered by two employees. Usopp is completely overwhelmed, however two of the dwarves are able to defeat the two men within seconds and also steal their clothing, as a cover for Usopp and Nico Robin. They interpret Usopp’s fear as a well played trap. The long-nosed dwarf wants to use this and the unexpected strength of his men to get by without having to fight himself.

Elsewhere, the soldier waits in hiding for his opportunity. However, since Franky has just appeared on the surface and a fight has begun, there is also confusion underground. Therefore, the toy soldier unemoniously attacks to bring the elevator up under his control. Quick as a flash, he dodges his opponents’ shots and knocks them out, remembering how he once trained Rebecca and taught her to trust her human instincts to become faster and stronger. In his mind, he regrets that he won’t last long enough in his toy body to protect her forever. But for King Riku’s peaceful Dress Rosa, he was willing to throw his life away.

Back in the Colosseum: In an unclear manner all remaining fighters have suddenly lost their consciousness; among them Rebecca, Cavendish, Orlumbus, Suleiman, Mummy and Damask. However, according to Gatz, one body still seems to be moving, with it being the victor…

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