One Piece Chapter 732


Front page request “Luffy plays with lizards Beach Flags” by TAZ-san from Kyoto.
Luffy defeats the champion, a lizard, in Beach Flags (note: needs link). The first prize is a cup full of meat.


At Dwarf HQ: Operation SOP is about to start and so the soldiers set off to get underground through their secret tunnel. This one is just big enough for Usopp and Nico Robin, however it is impossible for Franky to use it. Therefore, he is supposed to use one of the four main entrances to the toy house, but they are heavily guarded. Franky, however, runs off immediately to keep the guards busy while the others go about their plans. Arriving at the eastern gate, Senor Pink is already waiting there. After it could be reported that “Cyborg” Franky of the Straw Hat Pirates is attacking, he already shakes the whole environment with his Coup de Vent.

But neither Donquixote Doflamingo and Fujitora nor Diamante, Pica or Trébol and Sugar seem to think about that.

Meanwhile, the news also reaches the dwarves, who are worried. Usopp believes in Franky, but as Leo reports, he has to face four “leaders” who are among the strongest members of the Donquixote pirate gang. In total there are ten of them, who in turn are subordinate to three “super-leaders”. These command over 2,000 men and form three armies: Pica’s “commando unit” with Gladius, Buffalo and Baby 5, Diamant’s “combat squad” with Lao G, Machvise, Señor Pink and Dellinger, and Trébol’s “special forces team” with Sugar, Violet and Giolla. In addition, there are the field agents Vergo and Mone.

At this moment, the team reaches their destination, the underground tunnel. Only a short distance away, noises can be heard, so Robin and Usopp look around the corner of a wall. There they are shocked to see the huge harbor with several ships, where dozens of toys must be toiling!

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