One Piece Chapter 731


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, last part: “Thanks to the pirate Caribou, who is as cute as my grandson”.Grandma prays at her late grandson Gaburu’s grave, where Caribou’s wanted poster also hangs. She knew he wasn’t really her real grandson, but she thanks that one anyway. The Caribou pirate gang left behind is shocked.


Dellinger tries to finish off Bellamy, who is already down, but Bartolomeo defends him with the help of one of his barriers. Angry and threatening, the member of the Donquixote pirate gang finally leaves, having already received Joker’s order via Den-den Mushi from Diamante to defend the toy house. Bellamy, thinking back to how Donquixote Doflamingo promised him the post in his gang, bursts into tears. He now has nothing to live for, he says, and asks why Bartolomeo helped him. The latter looks upon all the people with whom he has fought as comrades. And he would never abandon a friend.

At the headquarters of the Royal Riku Army: The Toy Soldier introduces his plan to overthrow Doflamingo, called Operation SOP (= Shugaa-Ottamage-Panikku ~ Sugar-to-Death Scare Panic). Below Dress Rosa lies an underworld containing the mysterious factory, as well as an illegal trading port where captured dwarves and toys are forced to work. Through a tunnel dug for a year, the army now plans to infiltrate this underworld and cause the user of the Hobby Fruit to lose consciousness. This should turn all the toys back into humans and bring back the memories. While the soldier does not yet know what exactly would happen then, there would certainly be fear and panic on the island. According to the Tontatta Dwarves, the user of the fruit is currently at the trading port. Her name is Sugar, who has not aged since consuming the Devil Fruit and is personally protected by Trébol. If they manage to make her lose consciousness, they will have achieved the strategy. Usopp, Franky and the dwarves are also ready for battle.

In the coliseum, Luffy searches for the exit. He runs into Bartolomeo, who is carrying the injured Bellamy. The pirate captain, through the excitement of meeting his idol, manages not to even look Luffy in the eye. Bellamy assures him that once he enters the coliseum, there will be no exit for participants. However, since he himself will be leaving it, he figures Luffy can follow him out. However, he does not plan to betray Doflamingo, whom he still reveres because of his principles. Since Luffy does not want the Fire Fruit to fall into the hands of Jesus Burgess, Bartolomeo agrees – as he originally planned – to win it for him. At that moment, a mysterious person appears, claiming that the fruit cannot go to “Straw Hat Luffy”. Bartolomeo gets upset with that one and explains that his senpai is the brother of “Firefist” Ace and the future pirate king. However, the person just pushes him aside and thinks he already knows this.

In block D, Acilia has allied herself with Rebecca. She wants the Riku offspring to enter the finals.

While Bartolomeo is still upset about the mysterious one, Luffy suddenly bursts into tears in front of that one and shows himself highly shocked.

Wearing animal costumes made by Kinemon, Luffy, Zoro and himself sneak away from the coliseum. Luffy still wants to save Law and defeat Doflamingo and thinks he doesn’t have to worry about the Fire Fruit anymore, but he won’t stop howling.

Somewhere on the island, the person from earlier is on the phone with Koala. The former slave girl is now a member of the Revolutionaries, where she teaches fish-man karate. She hopes to meet Robin and asks her counterpart if he has been crying. While the person denies it, she says that even if he was there at the time, there’s no telling what he could have done. Anyway, Koala is supposed to get information about the Underworld, while her interlocutor – who has taken Luffy’s place as Lucy – wants to get the Fire Fruit back. They have to be the ones to carry on that person’s will.

The distraught Luffy says that until now he always thought the one who appeared before him was dead.

In front of Ace’s grave, three sac bowls were placed.


  • As in Chapter 718, Tontatta versions of the Straw Hats were hidden as Easter Egg in this chapter. Both in the SBS for Volume 74 and in Greg’s Trivia Corner on the official One Piece website, these have come to a mention.
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