One Piece Chapter 730


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 45: “Gaburu screams!!!! Hands off Grandma!!!”.
Grandma thinks about how Caribou aka Gaburu sacrificed himself for everyone.


As Trafalgar Law lies defenseless before Donquixote Doflamingo, the Samurai of the Seas convinces the shocked citizens that the Supernovae and his accomplices were trying to overthrow Dress Rosa. However, Law is still alive, so Zoro and Kinemon immediately rush him to get him out of harm’s way. However, when Zoro draws his sword, his attack is blocked by Fujitora, who then causes him to fall into a deep hole. Kinemon, on the other hand, takes a heavy hit from Doflamingo. Both are able to return to the fight, but it is now revealed to the Straw Hat Pirates that the old man is an admiral. The latter, though accusing the world of having to fight those who previously treated him so well and saved him from an impostor, nevertheless eventually uses his devil powers to bring Flamingo and Law to the palace, where the two go to talk.

Now the navy wants to intervene to capture the unmasked Straw Hats, but Brook reports in via Den-den Mushi. Behind the Thousand Sunny, the huge ship Big Moms has suddenly appeared, with Tamago and Pekoms on board and apparently in search of Caesar Clown, who once defrauded the Empress of research funds. When fire is opened, Sanji, Nami, Chopper, and Brook want to escape, with Franky making it clear that Big Mom’s pirate gang should not be allowed to come to Dress Rosa, as that chaos would prevent the battle of the Dwarves. Nami doesn’t think that’s necessary either, who refers to the opposing parties’ interests as “three cards.” These, she says, are Caesar Clown, Momonosuke, and the Smile Factory, the latter of which has yet to be destroyed, but the other two are in the company of the Straw Hats on Sunny to do so. Through this, Luffy now understands that Law sacrificed himself to protect these two cards and buy the Straw Hats time. Luffy definitely doesn’t want to abandon his new nakama and decides to definitely save him. Therefore, he quickly sets out to find an exit from the Corrida Colosseum to join Zoro and Kinemon and then storm the palace. The Sunny, meanwhile, is told to sail ahead to Zou, with Sanji asking permission to return fire, which Luffy grants. Franky, Usopp, and Nico Robin, on the other hand, take over the Smile Factory.

Meanwhile, Violet also continues on her way to the palace, whereas Rebecca’s fight in the tournament continues. The one-legged toy soldier is also ready for battle.

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