One Piece Chapter 729


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 44: “Grandma, I wish you another long life!!! Revolutionary Gaburu becomes a legend once again”.
The defeated Caribou sails away on a warship.


Bellamy is about to carry out his order and is already apologizing to Luffy in his mind, when suddenly Dellinger appears. He tells him that the young master has changed his mind and would rather see the “Hyena” dead, because he has failed and is a disgrace.

Meanwhile, on the bridge between Dress Rosa and Green Bit, Trafalgar Law attacks Donquixote Doflamingo. However, the latter dodges with ease and gives the former Supernovae several heavy hits. Then Diamante calls to report that Violet betrayed them, which is why they were unaware of the Straw Hat Pirates’s recent moves. Flamingo first wants to send Lao G to the Smile factory as a guard, but then decides to go with Diamante. Donquixote has now finally figured out that Law was just trying to distract him so that the Straw Hats could make their moves so that he would also be chased by Kaidou even if Trafalgar dies. He therefore now asks his opponent why he trusts this gang so much, to which the latter replies that the “D.” will surely cause another big storm.

Outside the Corrida Colosseum: Zoro complains to Luffy that he didn’t invite him to the tournament as well. Through the conversation, the Navy gets that the “Pirate Hunter” is on the island and that Lucy must probably be Straw Hat Luffy. Kinemon now adds Sanji and the Thousand Sunny to the conversation, who in turn also contact Usopp and the others on Green Bit. Franky uses this conference to tell everyone about the dwarf army led by the One Legged Toy Soldier, which plans to go into battle against Doflamingo soon. Remembering Rebecca’s words, however, Luffy wants to forbid this campaign. Franky, however, disagrees: despite the plan to focus on the factory, he wants to help these brave soldiers because of their so dark past. Convinced, Luffy gives the cyborg a free hand, whereupon Sanji decides to sail back, and Zoro and Kinemon also plan to join their nakama soon.

There are some loud noises and the navy reports to Admiral Fujitora that a fight is raging in the city. There is finally a large explosion right in front of the coliseum. It’s Flamingo, who has thrown Law off the bridge and into the city streets. Trafalgar is badly injured, but Donquixote pulls out a pistol without hesitation and shoots his opponent multiple times! Luffy, as well as Issho and Bastille, are horrified.

As his powers leave him, Law thinks about a person named Kora.

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