One Piece Chapter 728


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 43: “The brave man can’t move! At least, as my grandson, you get the last piece of meat pie for sacrificing yourself alone”.
The defeated Caribou receives one last piece of meat pie from Grandma.


Flashback: King Riku Doldo III is still panicking his people. At the palace, they already want to contact the navy about it. At this moment, the household help Mone opens the gate to let in the “new noble family”. This is observed by the King’s daughter: Princess Violet. Meanwhile, the people’s hatred of the king and his army grows when suddenly the three commanders of the Donquixote family interrupt the slaughter. Doflamingo grabs the king, for which he is cheered by the people.

Back in the present, the dwarves admit that they too doubted King Riku at the time. However, in response to a comment from Usopp, they assure him that the regent is still alive and must be somewhere on Dress Rosa. This was thanks to Violet, whose devilish powers so intrigued Flamingo that he made a deal: For her father’s life, she agreed to serve Donquixote. After that fateful night, even the king’s soldiers bowed to the Samurai of the Seas, which Franky considers a great betrayal. However, the One-Legged Toy Soldier thinks that this was done on the King’s orders and surely must not have been easy for her.

Furthermore, he now tells us that all the toys can still remember the time when they were humans. The people around them, however, forget them completely, and even the toys among themselves do not know who the others are. They all remember hating Doflamingo, though, which is why the will to rebel is decidedly strong. Franky now understands that there is tremendous fighting power lurking in Dress Rosa, if only they would all band together. Usopp is not at all enthusiastic about this, but Robin also sees an opportunity. Leo then calls for a final decisive battle, since both Donquixote’s brief resignation and the appearance of Lysoland and his friends must be a sign!

Meanwhile, at the underground garbage dump: Except for Ricky and Don Chinjao, all the losers have been turned into toys by now. As a result, the latter already doesn’t remember his grandchildren, and Ricky also feels strangely as if he has a memory gap.

Outside the Corrida Colosseum: Luffy has been pointed out to Zoro and Kinemon by Bartolomeo. While talking to them, Bellamy sneaks up on him from behind….

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