One Piece Chapter 726


Color Spread of the Straw Hat Pirates in current and childlike appearance.


In the underground room of captured toys and fighters: Just now Kelly Funk, Ideo and Boo also fall into their prison. As you can now see, likewise Tank Lepanto and Ricky are already here, with the former looking at the latter in puzzlement. Suddenly he kneels down, thinking he has recognized the former King Riku Doldo III in the gladiator. This also astonishes the Jeet and Abdullah present as Ricky understands that he has been unmasked. He removes his helmet, revealing his true identity. Tank Lepanto bursts into tears to see his former king alive, but he doesn’t want to be called that anymore, seeing himself only as an old man. A few more gladiators want to apologize for now serving in Doflamingo’s army, but Riku doesn’t think it’s necessary. He asks Tank if he took good care of Violet, then, when Elizabello II walks in and gives Riku a big hug. He tells him that his country has been at war since the change in government when the Chinjao family got involved as well. They add that Joker is making a lot of money from this war by supplying weapons, and that the Happou Navy came along to destroy the Flamingo weapons factory.

As Tank Lepanto and Dagama begin to argue over King Riku’s good name, many of the gladiators suddenly confess to being former supporters of the royal army, and even the many damaged toys suddenly rise up and kneel before their former regent.

Meanwhile, Hack secretly talks to a stranger via a Den-den Mushi, to whom he reports that there must still be some secrets on Dress Rosa. In response, he tells him to keep searching.

Suddenly, Trébol intervenes in the action and grabs Sai with the help of his viscous body. He pulls him upwards and transforms him into a toy monkey. In this form, Sai cannot resist Trébol’s commands, whereupon he is sent to the factory and the harbour by the commander of the Donquixote pirate gang.

Meanwhile, Luffy continues to talk to the gladiators in the coliseum. He wonders why in the “land of love, passion and toys” not all the inhabitants look happy, to which the prisoners reply that Doflamingo only makes winners of those who obey him. All others, he says, are just trash to him. This inhumanity reminds Luffy of his native Goa. That’s when he meets Bartolomeo again.

On Green Bit: The King of the Tontatta Kingdom tells us that their ancestors came here 900 years ago in search of resources. However, the king at the time, Donquixote, only granted them protection in exchange for labor. The dwarves lived in slavery until 800 years ago, after the Lost Century, when the Riku family finally took over. King Riku Doldo I tearfully apologized to the slaves and promised that in the future they would always be allowed to take whatever they needed, he would explain this with the legend of the fairies. He also supported all the neighboring countries as best he could. For this gentleness, the dwarves turned Dress Rosa into a land of flowers. Donquixote Doflamingo now tried to repeat the cruel story and had 500 dwarves kidnapped, including the king’s daughter. Therefore, freedom and peace must now be fought for, but the one-legged toy soldier interjects that neither the captain of the army nor the granddaughter of King Riku Doldos III are currently available. Moreover, the people lost faith in the Riku family because of an accident ten years ago. However, the soldier knew the truth since he was Rebecca’s father!


  • In Color Walk 8, Oda reveals that his editor at the time, Suguru Sugita, wanted the Color Spread motif.
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