One Piece Chapter 724


Color Spread of the Straw Hats, Jinbe, Camie & Pappag celebrating at the Mermaid Cafe.


After Sanji was able to fend off Donquixote Doflamingo’s attack on the Thousand Sunny, he now faces him in the air. After a brief exchange of blows, however, the Samurai of the Seas uses his devilish powers to immobilize the Cook. Under the shocked looks of the powerless spectators he wants to give him the coup de grace, when suddenly Law, with Caesar Clown in the luggage, joins in and sends Doflamingo away from the Sunny.

Back on the ship, Trafalgar has to realize, after Sanji’s report, that there is not enough time, as destroying the factory will be more difficult than expected, and that the plan must therefore be changed. He wants everyone present to leave immediately for Zou, while the rest continue on site. Nami and Brook, however, don’t want to just leave their nakama behind.

Suddenly a naval battleship appears over the Sunny, with Fujitora on board, who attacks the Straw Hats at this moment and Donquixote is also already on his way back to the pirates’ ship. Law successfully fends off the admiral’s attack, but in doing so he also announces his existence. Fujitora therefore orders the immediate march back to Green Bit, as he suspects that the battle will shift there.

At this moment, Flamingo also re-enters the action and attacks with his “Overheat” attack. Law protects his allies and reveals that Doflamingo possesses the powers of the Ito Ito no mi and can thus always and everywhere stretch threads. This also applies to clouds, which is the trick he uses to fly through the air. Sanji and Co. are therefore supposed to flee to cloud-free territory, which is why Chopper unceremoniously activates the Coup de Burst. Law, on the other hand, grabs Giolla as a new hostage and transports himself and the samurai back to the bridge in front of Green Bit.

There he reveals to his opponent that he unfortunately has to end the alliance with the Straw Hats already here. His most important goal had been the destruction of the Smile, in order to direct Kaidou’s wrath on Doflamingo. While Doflamingo is amused that Law had already expected to go down, Doflamingo makes it clear that either he or Kaidou will wipe out Doflamingo, who will then finally pay for what he did 13 years ago.

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