One Piece Chapter 722


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 39: “Swallow the factory! The workplace is gone!!!”
Caribou makes the factory sink into the swamp. Everyone present rejoices.


The onlookers deeply insult Rebecca and wish her dead, as she is the granddaughter of the hated former king. Luffy is horrified by this; after all, a person can’t help what her grandfather did. At this, he remembers Don Chinjao and Garp. The captured gladiators agree with him.

As more fighters also make fun of Rebecca, Cavendish now appears in the ring for the Battle Royale. Riding his horse Farul, he announces over his own loudspeaker that the audience should be ashamed of themselves. The female audience members are already showing their enthusiasm for his appearance, but he demands silence. He thinks those who do not face battle themselves have no right to taunt a young female gladiator. While he joined the tournament for specific reasons, he dislikes how the lives of fighters are used for pleasure. With that, he ends his speech and sends Farul away. Luffy is surprised by Cavendish’s words, though he still dislikes him himself. The audience is enthusiastic about the pretty boy, which pleases him greatly. Rebecca thanks him, but Cavendish retorts that they are still opponents in battle. Block D begins.

The rest of the dwarves, including Usopp and Robin, have now also reached the flower field, where the one-legged toy soldier is just beginning to discuss the plan to overthrow Donquixote Doflamingo. Usopp wants to listen carefully to find out the best moment to escape.

Zoro is on his way to the Thousand Sunny with Wicca, who is under attack by Giolla. The dwarf says that they have memorized the high-ranking members of the Donquixote family after the incidents ten years ago, especially the three who defeated Dress Rosa’s army all by themselves at that time: Trébol, Diamante and Pica. Meanwhile, they meet Sanji and Kinemon, to whom they describe the situation. Violet also joins them and tells them that Giolla is leaving for Green Bit with her ship.

The Thousand Sunny is indeed on its way to Green Bit. On the ship, Brook and Giolla, who Law has come to pick up himself, enjoy her art – that of his music and that of her devil power. Nami, Chopper, and Momonosuke, meanwhile, have locked her in a piece of art that is supposed to represent the tragedy of Dress Rosa. In ten minutes, they are supposed to die in it. Brook, who apparently betrayed them, wants to play music to it, so he asks Giolla to change his violin and bow back. The officer of the Donquixote pirate gang does just that, after which the Straw Hat Pirate immediately finishes her off with his weapon, which has returned to normal. The powers of her devilish strength are thus suspended.

On Green Bit, Law was defeated by Doflamingo and Fujitora. King Dress Rosas, having reclaimed Caesar’s heart, explains to him that 800 years ago, 20 kings from 20 countries founded the World Government. Apart from the Nefertari family from Arabasta, all these royal families subsequently moved to Mary Geoise. Their descendants are today’s World Nobles. In the lands left behind, new kings were elected and new royal families emerged. In Dress Rosa, this was the Riku family. But the original ruler of the land who moved to Mary Geoise was the Donquixote family!

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