One Piece Chapter 721


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 38: “Swallow this, Leader Scotch!!!”
Caribou lets Scotch and his men sink into the swamp as he incessantly fills mud into the cyborg’s mouth.


In front of the cells of the gladiators belonging to the Coliseum: Rebecca is crying, she is sure that the one-legged toy soldier will die. Luffy is puzzled, saying it is rather strange that a toy is alive at all. Rebecca counters that people from outside can’t understand this, and that toys are like people. They also become friends, are part of the family, and form love relationships with people. Since Rebecca’s mother passed away, whom she refers to as her entire family, the one-legged soldier has been her protector and like a father to her. At this moment, it is announced that the destroyed ring has been repaired and the D-Block is starting. Luffy, eating the food that fell to the ground, encourages Rebecca and says that he will meet her again in the finale, whereupon she leaves for the fight.

A flashback of Rebecca follows: she is a child and helps her mother pick flowers to sell in town. They live in a lonely house in a meadow of flowers. One day, apparently, the king’s army starts setting the town on fire. The king’s palace is also set on fire, which Rebecca’s mother watches in tears. She and Rebecca are attacked and manage to escape. One of the attackers is apparently Diamante, but thanks to the toy soldier’s intervention, he is unable to follow the two fugitives. After two days on the run without food, Rebecca is starving. Her mother orders her to stay in hiding, she wants to get food for her daughter. After some time, however, the one-legged toy soldier returns, carrying Rebecca’s dead mother in his arms. He apologizes for not being able to protect her and gives Rebecca food. Apparently Rebecca’s mother Scarlet, with the last of her strength, asked the toy soldier to bring the food to Rebecca. Rebecca is now crying uncontrollably, but is taken into the toy soldier’s arms. He tries to stifle her cries as hostile people pass by her hiding place at that moment. In his mind, he keeps apologizing to her. He tells her that a new king rules the land and that since she has her mother’s blood in her, she must take care of herself since she is now wanted. He promises to protect her until she can be happy again. Secretly, the one-legged soldier attends Doflamingo’s inaugural speech as king, which is celebrated by the people. He promises to bring prosperity to the people. The one-legged soldier now takes up work to provide for himself and Rebecca and protects them where he can. For example, he warms her with his body one night when it snows, or protects her from a pack of wild dogs. One day he buys a house for Rebecca. Since he has to be at the toy factory in the evenings as a toy, he arranges with Rebecca to throw a petal from her window sill every day so that she knows he is by her side. Years pass and the soldier protects Rebecca by beating up bullying kids, driving away suitors, and going to work for a living. One day, two men attack Rebecca, thinking she is an orphan, and want to sell her. The Toy Soldier shows up in time and resolves the situation by force of arms, whereupon he becomes a wanted man. He moves on with Rebecca, teaching her to fight along the way.

Back to the present: Rebecca, still lost in her thoughts, enters the arena. She vows not to lose and hopes that the toy soldier will survive. Amid loud boos, she enters the battlefield.

By the Cells: Luffy is puzzled and asks why Rebecca is being booed. He is told that Rebecca’s grandfather is the former king of the land and he is hated by the people.

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