One Piece Chapter 720


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 37: “Release Granny and the Workers!!!”
Caribou and his gang fight Scotch and his entourage to save the old woman and the rebels. Scotch’s shots fail against the swamp man’s logia powers.


The first three fighters earned the right to challenge the Donquixote family in the Battle Royale: Jesus Burgess, Bartolomeo and ‘Lucy’. One spot remains open, but Block D is delayed by 15 minutes as the arena has been pretty much destroyed. Shortly after the victorious Luffy has left the arena, he is immediately attacked again by Cavendish. He can stop Cavendish for the time being by holding his sword ‘Durandal’ and not letting go.

Cavendish’s attack caused a stir among the other contestants. One of the losers from block C noticed that he spoke of ‘Straw Hat’ again. He makes fun of that ‘straw hat’ who was unable to save his brother two years ago. Bartolomeo overhears the conversation of the nobleman from the Kingdom of Doerena and, with the help of his Barrier Fruit, angrily pushes him against a wall afterwards. He is convinced that Luffy – whom he dubs Senpai (note: needs link) – will be the future Pirate King! Bartolomeo witnessed it for himself over two years ago, when the Straw Hat Captain announced he was going to be the King of the Pirates in Loguetown just before his supposed execution. At that moment lightning struck the platform, but he survived. Since that day Bartolomeo had followed every report of the Straw Hat Pirates, from Arabasta to Enie’s Lobby to Impel Down and the fateful Marine Ford. That was when, despite already being boss of a crime organization that controlled 150 villages, he decided to sail the seas himself. Still angry at the participant who taunted Luffy, Bartolomeo pulls his tongue out of his mouth, after which all you see is his blood splattering.

Cavendish is still confronting Luffy, which Bartolomeo is now witnessing. With tears in his eyes and trembling with excitement to be so close to his idol, the ‘cannibal’ is even speechless. Don Chinjao and his grandchildren suddenly appear before Luffy. The legendary pirate, however, no longer holds a grudge against him and only wants to express his mere gratitude. Since he accidentally splits the ground with his head while bowing, Luffy thinks he is still hostile to him and flees. Cavendish still wants to fight him, Bartolomeo doesn’t know what to say to him, and Don Chinjao wants to put his grandchildren’s Happo Navy under his command.

Rebecca helps him escape. In the process, they also pass by Jesus Burgess, who is on the phone with his captain. He tells him that he does not trust Kuzan. Blackbeard assures him, however, that it is the same with him as with Shiryu. Meanwhile, Burgess notices Luffy and has Teach talk to him via Den-den Mushi. He announces to the Straw Hat that it will be Burgess who will take the Fire Fruit. Luffy, however, wants to prevent this with all his might.

Afterwards, Luffy and Rebecca reach a food stall in the coliseum. The fighter buys him a meal there and then leads him to the dwellings of the coliseum’s own gladiators, which could also be called prison cells. When Luffy asks her if she’s not hungry, she denies it. You can briefly see how she told her mother she was hungry when she was a child. Suddenly, from behind, one of the gladiators living in the cells grabs Luffy and holds him down. He tells Rebecca that this is her chance to kill him. The latter thinks about it for a moment, but finally actually attacks the straw hat. Luffy is able to avoid the attack and holds Rebecca to the ground. However, since she bought him some food and he didn’t perceive any killing intent from her, he doesn’t hurt her. The gladiators regret that she didn’t succeed. It would have been her chance if she could have taken out one of the stronger ones. The badly injured gladiators – of whom Rebecca is one – were imprisoned here because they rebelled against Donquixote Doflamingo. If any of them won 1,000 fights, they would gain freedom, but even the most skilled fighters survive only around 100 at most. If any tried to escape, they would all be killed. Before Doflamingo’s reign, however, the Coliseum was not yet a matter of life and death. Rebecca knows that the one-legged toy soldier and his army will fight to free her today, but she doesn’t want to just let him protect the gladiators forever. Ever since she was a little girl he has taken care of her, now she wants to be able to protect him!

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