One Piece Chapter 719


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 36: “Boss, you’re alive! Gaburu shows up!!!”
Caribou is disguised as Gaburu with his gang on the warship.


Corrida Colosseum: Luffy has briefly taken down Don Chinjao. The latter congratulates him, but is sure that the “Worst Generation” does not deserve its name. The only name he could relate to is Blackbeard’s. Luffy, however, has fallen victim to Rayleigh’s misjudgement. Moreover, Chinjao now claims that killing Ace was a good move by the Navy, and that Luffy will never surpass Gold Roger because he can’t compete with the Admirals and the Four Emperors. This infuriates the Straw Hat so much that he takes to the skies to deliver the final blow. As he does so, Chinjao remembers his hatred for Garp.

30 years ago he was called “The Driller” because of his incredibly strong, pointed head. One day he found a huge treasure, but it was buried under a mighty layer of ice. He unceremoniously split the ice with his extremely hard skull, something no one else was capable of doing. However, in a later fight against Garp the Fist, his pointed head was crushed by a huge blow from the Vice Admiral. Since then, he has never been able to regain his fortune.

Now he wants to take revenge on Garp’s grandson, so he uses one of his headbutts. Luffy returns this with a Gomu Gomu no-Thor-Elephant-Gun. This causes Chinjao’s pointy head shape to reappear and he falls to the ground, badly hit. There he splits the ring and lands in the water, making Luffy the victor of Block C.

Elsewhere, Jesus Burgess now also gets that Lucy is actually Straw Hat Luffy, through a conversation between Cavendish and Bartolomeo.

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