One Piece Chapter 718


Caribous Kehihihi in the New World, Part 35: “A warship off the coast!!!”Scotch holds up the wounded grandmother in front of the defeated rebels. Meanwhile, a Navy warship shows up on the coast.


In the Tontatta Kingdom. At the “Airfield”, Leo tells Usopp that there is an underground passage connecting Green Bit to Dress Rosa. Meanwhile, attention falls on the “Yellow Beetle Unit” and the “Pink Bee Unit”, which are led by the Insect Zoan users Kabu and Bian. To transport Usopp and Nico Robin, two oversized foxes also appear. Suddenly an old dwarf appears from Robin’s cleavage. This is King Gancho, who wants to tell the two brave helpers that the rivalry with the Donquixote family is not only ten, but a whole 900 years old.

Meanwhile, Franky and the one-legged toy soldier reach the flower field, under which the headquarters of the dwarf army is located. Zoro is also there right now, having tracked the supposed “fairy” who stole his sword all the way here. As the swordsman watches the broadcast of Luffy’s fight, word comes in that reinforcements, as well as legendary heroes Lysoland and Robiland, are on their way. As their friends’ names are called, Zoro introduces himself as Zoroland and Franky as Fraland.

Off the coast of Dress Rosa Nami and Co. are still fighting Giolla. The latter has eaten from the Art Fruit and is now transforming her four opponents into supposed works of art. That’s when the Den-den Mushi rings and Trafalgar Law calls. He wants the Sunny to come to Green Bit to take Caesar Clown back.

There, Law has some trouble standing up to his tormentors. Doflamingo, on the other hand, is sure that Luffy will never come out of the tournament alive.

Now at this very tournament, Luffy gives Don Chinjao a mighty Gomu Gomu no Hawk Rifle.


  • Although the SBS for Volume 74 and Greg’s Trivia Corner on the official One Piece website only mention the Straw Hat Tontattas from Chapter 731, they make their first appearance in this chapter.
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