One Piece Chapter 717


Color Spread: Luffy and Chopper are in a hot air balloon. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, Trafalgar Law, Kinemon, and Momonosuke are relaxing on a giant mechanical chopper with a pool on its head.


The fight between Luffy and Don Chinjao is about to reach its climax. The latter wants to know how the rubber boy mastered the King’s Shaki, to which the latter replies with Rayleigh. This reminds Chinjao of his past, which makes him cry.

Meanwhile, Sanji and Kinemon are standing in front of the coliseum, which they can’t enter because it’s surrounded by marines. They, led by Vice Admiral Bastille, want to arrest the defeated criminals as soon as they leave the ring, but none of them have shown up yet and Vice Admiral Maynard hasn’t been heard from either.

Elsewhere, the One-Legged Toy Soldier tells Franky that there are two important laws under Donquixote Doflamingo’s rule: No one is allowed outside at night, and never may a toy enter a human house or a human enter the toy house. So a toy seemingly attacks a young woman and claims to be her friend, for which it is taken away. At the same time, a dog toy refuses to let a young boy ride him. When approached by the soldier, he reports that he is the boy’s father and the husband of the boy’s mother, but when asked by them, they do not recall having a father or a husband, respectively. According to the Toy Soldier, all the toys were once humans transformed by a Devil Fruit user from Doflamingo’s gang!

On Green Bit, the battle between Trafalgar Law, Flamingo, and Fujitora is still burning. This is also noticed in the underground Tontatta Kingdom, though this is attributed to Usopp’s strength. The latter takes the opportunity to ask why the dwarves want to go into battle against Doflamingo at all. The latter tell that 500 of their friends are being held on Dress Rosa and forced to work, including the princess of the Dwarf Kingdom. At this moment, it is announced that the warriors Kabu and Bian are ready to fly.

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