One Piece Chapter 716


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 34: “I will use the grandmother of Commander Gaburu of the Revolutionary Army as an example”.
Scotch holds up the wounded grandmother in front of the defeated rebels. He wants to make an example of her.


Kelly Funk, in his new form, defeats many participants in the tournament. Don Chinjao tells Sai that he should take revenge for Boo. Another fighter remembers what happened to that one: due to the powers of the jacket fruit, Kelly Funk turned into a jacket that his brother Bobby Funk put on. By doing so, he took control of the latter’s far stronger body and defeated Boo with one punch. Kelly now notices the approaching Sai and taunts him, since unlike them, he couldn’t even save his brother. However, the Happo Navy leader only thinks that after he joined the Hasshoken’s school, he got rid of any brotherly feelings. He then uses Kelly’s punching fists at him as stairs to get up from where he takes out the assassin with a well-aimed kick. He may not be taking revenge for his brother, but he is doing so for a subordinate.

Meanwhile, Don Chinjao continues to pursue Luffy. He wants to teach Garp, who has taken everything from him, what it is like to lose something. Jean Ango feels confirmed by Chinjao’s words in his assumption about ‘Lucy’s’ identity. While throwing weapons at Luffy, who easily escapes them with his Haki, the bounty hunter thanks him. Over the past two years, he’s been able to make a lot of money capturing escapees from Impel Down. He eventually wants to take down the entire escapee team of Luffy, Buggy, Jinbe, Crocodile, Ivankov, and Shiryu, and he also knows about the whereabouts of the escapees from Level 6. However, Jean finally realizes that his projectiles all missed Luffy and instead landed in Don Chinjao’s body. After Luffy retrieves his helmet from him, the former Happo Navy commander finishes off the bounty hunter with a headbutt.

Meanwhile, Sai and Ideo engage in an evenly matched duel. Not far away, Luffy finally decides to face Chinjao, since he has to take him out anyway to move on. As they do so, the two opponents march towards each other from both sides and simply throw Sai and Ideo, who are in the way, out of the ring. Their fists meet, creating an immense impact. All onlookers are stunned, Diamante notes that this is a clash of king shaki. Only these two fighters remain in block C!

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