One Piece Chapter 715


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 33: “As our late grandma used to say, ‘Always be nice to your brother'”
The Caribou pirate gang celebrates finding their captain again. In doing so, Coribou joyfully hugs Caribou, remembering how their late grandmother taught them that brothers must always stick together.


The crowd celebrates ‘Lucy’, who knocked Hajrudin out of the tournament with a single punch. Now the latter carries the also incapacitated bull Ucy to the edge of the fighting field for his safety. Meanwhile the boxing champion Ideo is disturbed by the unconscious body of the giant lying in the arena and carries him out of the ring with an explosive punch. He wants the fire fruit to become even stronger.

The Chinjao family from Kano Country also causes quite a stir. Against their fighting technique ‘Hasshoken’ even shield and armor don’t bring any protection. Sai is the 13th commander of the Happou Navy and Boo is his vice commander. Don Chinjao, who is now surrounded by some eager participants, was once the 12th commander. The legendary pirate uses king shaki to make his opponents swoon. However Jean Ango, known as ‘Jean the Bandit’, was not caught by it and now robs the incapacitated participants of their weapons. A pirate tries to attack the famous bounty hunter in order to avenge a comrade arrested by the latter, but the latter uses the stolen fighting utensils like projectiles and thus severely harms his adversary. Jean Ango thinks that if his friend is in prison, he should break in and try to free him – just like a certain idiot did two years ago.

Kelly Funk meanwhile, to the horror of the crowd, relentlessly punches an already unconscious fighter for making fun of his small size. His brother Bobby Funk tries to stop him but accidentally still holds up the unconscious man’s body for him. The two assassins of the Mogaro Kingdom are said to be strong enough to finish off even pirates with a bounty of over 100 million berries. However, the suddenly appearing Boo seems to incapacitate Kelly with just a single punch, severely disappointing the crowd as well as announcer Gatz. Bobby fearfully turns away from the opponent, thinking he has never been in a fight before. However, to Boo’s amazement, the axe reinforced with armor persimmon nonetheless simply breaks off against Boo’s body. Kelly now asks Bobby to ‘carry’ him.

Shortly after, Kelly seems to have his brother’s body shape and wears his hat as well. He has already defeated Boo, but he continues to beat him for his insults.

Lucy’s helmet, meanwhile, has been stolen by Jean Ango, who tells him that he heard a rumor that ‘Straw Hat’ Luffy had sneaked into the tournament. Meanwhile, Don Chinjao also makes his way to the cloaked pirate. About 40 fighters remain in Block C!

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