One Piece Chapter 714


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 32: “When I arrived at the harbor, there were my former subordinates”
Surprised, Caribou discovers that a naval ship captured by his band of pirates is already waiting for him at the port.


The action begins on the Sunny, still anchored off the coast of Dress Rosa. It introduces itself to a tall, corpulent woman accompanied by at least two underlings. The woman’s name is Giolla and she is part of Flamingo’s pirate gang, though there she is subordinate to Trébol and thus to the Cross Squad. They have come by submarine, which is anchored on the left side of the Sunny. The squad is tasked with looking for Momonosuke, but hasn’t been able to find him yet because he was still in his dragon form when they arrived. It turns out that Nami, Brook, Chopper, and Momonosuke – again as humans – have already disembarked and are floating on the right side of the Sunny with the Waver and Shark Submerge 3. All four have fallen victim to a devilish force unknown at this point and have been transformed into works of art. Brook, for example, represents the expressionist and world-renowned painting The Scream. Moments later, Giolla presents herself as the one responsible by also transforming Sunny, rendering her incapacitated. The three straw hats start thinking about how to proceed and how to teach the transformation of Sunny to Franky.

The location changes to the infirmary in the Corrida Colosseum. The gladiator Ricky refuses to be treated, although he is very badly injured. He also vehemently refuses to take off his helmet. When Rebecca shows up, he ignores her advice to get treated and quietly walks away. His thoughts at this moment indicate a deeper connection to Rebecca, although she doesn’t seem to know him. They show a little girl running into the arms of a man.

In the Donquixote family’s lounge, Diamante lets Bellamy in on his new chance to join the gang after all. According to Donquixote Doflamingo’s instructions, he is to kill Luffy by the end of the tournament and thus earn a place. Bellamy is shown to be having doubts about his assignment, as he had recently gotten on good terms with Luffy.

In the following scene, Cavendish and Bartolomeo meet. Bartolomeo places a suitcase next to him, which is secured by a chain and various warning signs. They talk about Lucy, who both have now clearly identified as Luffy. It turns out that Bartolomeo also has a reason to want to get Luffy. His motives are still unknown, but he lets it be known that they are more deeply rooted than those of Cavendish.

Meanwhile, in Block C, the crowd cheers for a giant named Hajrudin – a favorite in the tournament. Hajrudin ramps through the ring, knocking many opponents out of the tournament at once. All the while, he repeatedly proclaims of his strength and how he would become king of the giants with the Mera Mera fruit. Elsewhere in the ring, a wild bull rams his way through the masses. Also referred to as the Angel of Death, the brutal bull has already taken out 21 competitors. To the delight of the crowd, it turns out that Lucy is riding the bull and has christened him Ucy. Cavendish and Rebecca are also watching the scene. The latter is not pleased that Luffy is gaining fame even under a false name. As Ucy continues to run through the crowds, he accidentally rams into the foot of Hajrudin. The latter then takes notice of the bull and flattens him and Lucy with one blow. Both appear knocked out at first glance. While the crowd is still mourning the loss of the two, Lucy, for his part, mourns the state of his new friend and gets pissed. He rises, leaps to Hajrudin’s head level, and fires a Gear 2 and armor haki laced punch and a gum-gum Red Hawk into his face respectively. Everyone in the Coliseum is shocked as Hajrudin goes down.

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