One Piece Chapter 712


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 30: “‘Run away now, Gaburu!!!’ Well, if you insist”
The old woman gets in Scotch’s way and tells Caribou, whom she still thinks is her deceased grandson, to run. The latter is immediately up and away.


30 minutes earlier, Dress Rosa: Sanji, lying injured on the ground, has been captured by Violet and some members of the Donquixote Pirates. She is, in fact, an assassin for the Trébol unit. Sanji, however, still believes that she is not in fact a bad person, but Violet then bluntly kicks him in the face to convince him otherwise. She possesses the powers of the Anstarr Fruit and can see through anything. To learn the plans of the alliance between Trafalgar Law and the Straw Hat Pirates, she gains insight into the Cook’s mind. However, she is horrified to find only erotic thoughts there; even in such a situation, he thinks only of her. Sanji thinks that when she asked him to kill a man for her, Violet was speaking the truth. He would never doubt a woman’s tears. The members of the Donquixote Pirates are annoyed by his words and now want to kill him, but Violet, moved to tears by Sanji’s words, finishes them off with the help of her devil powers.

Violet releases Sanji again. She is actually working for Donquixote Doflamingo against her will, which is why the chef’s words made her happy. To help him further understand what kind of trap the Alliance has fallen into, Violet allows Sanji a glimpse into her memories of this morning through her devil powers: after the people of Dress Rosa demanded answers following Doflamingo’s resignation, the CP0, which reports directly to the World Nobles, came to the island. The latter told the population that the newspaper report in the morning edition was false and that this would be told to the world in a special edition at 3 o’clock. The inhabitants are to keep quiet until then. Sanji is horrified by this trap, so Violet quickly hands him a Den-den Mushi to warn his comrades. She herself is too afraid of Doflamingo to flee.

Present, Green Bit: Fujitora is on the phone with Sakazuki. They too are puzzled that even the Navy was fooled by this false report. The Grand Admiral plans to talk to the Five Elders about this.

A copy of Robin suddenly appears next to Law. She thinks she overheard the conversation with Sanji and explains that they are underground on the island and that they will flee to the harbor. At that moment, Doflamingo reaches Green Bit, which is why Robin makes her copy disappear again. It’s 3:00! Law is confronted by Donquixote Doflamingo, as well as the naval unit coming out of hiding under the command of Admiral Fujitora.

Dress Rosa, Corrida Colosseum: Cavendish is stopped by Coliseum employees as he desperately tries to get into the ring to confront Luffy. However, the gong is already ringing, starting Block C of the tournament. Luffy is ready to fight.

The special edition of the newspaper is now distributed all over the world. People are shocked that the report in the morning edition is said to have been false.

Green Bit: Law says to Doflamingo that even as a samurai of the seas, he doesn’t have such great authority. Only the World Nobles are capable of such a thing, he says. At this moment Law remembers Vergos’ words about Doflamingo’s past. The latter only replies that it is a much deeper story. Donquixote Doflamingo now wants to kill Trafalgar Law.

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