One Piece Chapter 711


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 29: “Grandma Gets Blown Away.”
Scotch has forced his way into the house and is now face to face with the shocked Caribou. Old Grandma is flying through the air in the background.


Green Bit: Robin awakens to voices. They belong to dwarves, who search Robin, who is “tacked” to the ground, for weapons. To them, Robin’s devil fruit induced power is magic. Robin remembers some sort of gas that had stunned her and Usopp, and she wonders where Usopp is. She learns that she is below Green Bit, in the realm of the “gnomes,” the Tontatta Kingdom. The warrior Leo points out to Robin that she shouldn’t fight back, as he has pinned her down with his magic, presumably therefore by the power of a devil fruit. However, when Robin assures him of no ill intentions, she is immediately trusted and unleashed. According to the king of the dwarves, Gancho, they never get this close to humans under normal circumstances. Since it is already close to three, Robin wants to contact Law, however, the dwarves have released her Den-den Mushi, so she wants to leave immediately. However, one of the dwarves’ rules states that before she leaves, she must give them a weapon. Since she doesn’t have a weapon on her, the dwarves’ substitute rule kicks in. She must give them her clothes. Since Robin refuses, the dwarves attack her, but are stopped by another dwarf, Flapper. Flapper tells them that Robin is a friend of the hero, who has appeared to help the dwarves. Robin deduces that this hero is Usopp, who told lies to the dwarves.

Dress Rosa, port city of Akacia: Zoro walks through the city, one of the dwarves, Wicca, shows him the way. A flashback shows that Wicca had injured his leg when Zoro caught him, as Wicca was the sword thief. Wicca then asked Zoro to take him to his commander, as he knows the whereabouts of the Donquixote family and must pass it on to his commander. Apparently, the family moved out to attack the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship. Zoro is to take Wicca to the flower field, in exchange for which he will show him the way to the harbor. Zoro agrees due to his lack of sense of direction. He notes that the Donquixote family never seemed to let the Straw Hat Pirates out of their sight.

In the Coliseum: Block C will start in a few moments. Rebecca uses the time to gather herself. Looking out the window, she catches sight of Franky and the one-legged toy soldier. She calls out to the soldier that she will win and then she can live with the soldier. The soldier tells Franky to go on, that her destination is the flower field.

Green Bit, the beach in the south: Two minutes before Caesar’s handover, a call reaches Law. It’s Sanji. The latter demands Law to leave immediately. Doflamingo has not left the Seven Samurai! At this moment, Flamingo approaches.

Somewhere on the island: Fujitora orders his men to leave for the southern beach of Green Bits.

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